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Advantages of Invoice Factoring

Invoice factoring, also referred to as accounts receivable financing, is a cash-flow solution companies use to turn their invoices into instant cash through a Plano factoring company program.

While there are many factoring companies in Plano and the surrounding areas, Scale Funding offers many advantages.
Plano Factoring Company

  • 15-minute approval process
  • Streamlined setup process
  • Low factoring rates
  • High cash advances
  • Same-day funding
  • Online customer reporting
  • Dedicated relationship manager
  • Professional collectors
  • Full credit and risk assessment team
  • 22-plus years of experience


Many industries have used our Plano invoice factoring programs to help take back control of their finances. Some of the main industries we have helped include:

  • Technology
  • Telecommunications
  • Oilfield Services
  • Trucking & Freight
  • Heavy Construction
  • Utility & Pipeline
  • Government Contractors
  • Renewable Energy
  • Staffing Agencies
  • Many More

Why Scale Funding?

Companies choose Scale Funding over other factoring companies in Plano and Texas because our programs are custom to fit the unique needs of companies.

Whether you need capital to fill the cash-flow gap from slow-paying customers or you’re having a challenging time obtaining cash from a bank, our Plano accounts-receivable financing programs are your answer.

From start-ups and growing companies to those going through financial challenges, we can help. Contact a financial representative today at Scale Funding to get started. A free, no-obligation quote and an approval can be completed in just 15 minutes.


Plano is the 70th most populous city in the United States and the 9th most populous city in Texas. According to the latest estimate by the U.S. Census bureau in 2015, Plano’s city population is around 284,000, which is up approximately 24,000 from the 2010 census. Plano is an affluent suburb of Dallas, located about 20 miles north of downtown Dallas, and is part of the larger Dallas-Fort Worth metroplex which is home to over 7,000,000 people.

Plano has a very diverse economy however it is technologically focused and includes telecommunications, electronics, software/IT, digital media, manufacturing, financial services, and health, medical, and bio science. The Plano Chamber of Commerce reports the city’s greatest attribute to be its diversity with almost 42 percent of the population being non-Caucasian and over 90 languages spoken in the city’s schools. Plano is also home to numerous headquarters including JCPenney, Alliance Data Systems, Rent-a-Center, Cinemark Holdings, Dr. Pepper Snapple Group, Frito Lay, and recent additions of Toyota North America and FedEx Office.

The IT market in Plano is expansive and includes software and IT company headquarters for Intel Security, CA Technologies, and Intuit as well as video game giants id Software, Gearbox Software and Robot Entertainment. Plano is located very closely to Dallas’ famed Telecom Corridor and has its own additions in Nokia Corporation, XO Communications, AT&T, Samsung Telecommunications of America, Ericsson, Huawei and Mitel.

Texas Instruments and Rockwell Collins make up the bulk of the electronics division in Plano and even had a hand in creating the first microchip. There are many manufacturers and distributors of circuit boards, optoelectronics and semiconductors within the city.

The manufacturing industry is driven by the technology advancements and work of Plano so it is centered on telecommunications, electronics, and medical devices but also includes some food processing plants as well. Big manufacturing employers include St. Jude Medical (chronic pain devices), CVE Technologies Group (cell phone refurbishment), Samsung Telecommunications (cell phones) and Luminator Holdings, L.P. (vehicular lighting).

With the Dallas-Fort Worth area being the banking center of the Southwest, Plano has a part of the market share with companies viewing it as an affordable and active location to move headquarters to. Some of the top financial companies in Plano include Bank of America Home Loans, Capital One, Harley-Davidson Finance and Hyundai Capital America.


Plano Factoring CompanyThe present-day area where Plano now sits began as a rolling prairie of tall grasses and grazing bison. The first settlers discovered the area around the 1840s and were drawn to the richness of the land for farming possibilities. After the establishments of a sawmill, store, and post office, the town was named Plano from the Spanish word for “flat.” In 1872, the Houston and Texas Central Railway arrived which created a link to the new markets of Dallas and Houston. The small-time farming of Plano would soon transition to large cotton farms and cattle ranches.

By 1874 the population was more than 500 people and the city’s first official mayor was named around the same time. Shortly after this advancement, fires in the business district delayed further growth as a rebuilding period was required. By 1881, the city began flourishing again with a diverse trade market and established the first school district which would later become Plano Independent School District. In 1900 the population surged to 1,304 and continued from there. Plano became known as a farm and ranch town and it wasn’t until 1960 that the industry focus shifted from solely farming to more technology based. The neighboring city of Dallas experienced a large growth spurt of technology firms setting up shop in the city and because Plano was so close by, city planners prepared for that same growth in their city.

After many public works projects were initiated to rejuvenate the nation following World War II, Plano slowly began to see increases in population. In 1970 the population was reported to be around 18,000 and by 1980 it had jumped to 72,000. Due to the expert planning referenced earlier, Plano was well equipped for this kind of growth and so minimal growing pains were felt by veterans and new citizens alike. Word of the great environment spread to large corporations and in the 1980s, they slowly began to move their headquarter offices to the city with the first being JCPenney and Frito-Lay. The addition of more advanced highways, medical facilities, and higher education rounded out the offerings of Plano making it one of the fastest growing towns in the United States and once of the largest suburbs of Dallas.

Present day Plano has scored at the top in various rankings including livability, best places to live in America, most dog friendly, most affordable and most safe.


Plano shares the Dallas area’s more than 72 colleges, universities, and higher education institutions. The most prominent located in Plano include the University of Texas at Dallas, University of Phoenix-Dallas Campus and Richland College.

Culture and Recreational Activities

Parks and Recreation
Although Plano is jam packed full of corporate offices, businesses, higher education institutions, and medical care facilities, the outdoor amenities have remained intact. Plano is home to two open space preserves, Bob Woodruff Park and Oak Nature Preserve, which cover over 1200 acres combined. These preserves include hiking and biking trails and some of the oldest trees in the area with one coming in at over 500 years old. Plano also has five recreations centers: Tom Muehlenbeck Center, Carpenter Park Recreation Center, Douglass Community Center, Liberty Recreation Center and Oak Point Recreation Center.

Performing Arts
Plano has a very large performing arts presence with theatres including The Art Centre Theatre, Collin Theatre Center, Theatre Britain, Cox Building Playhouse, Plano Children’s Theatre, Amphitheater at Oak Point Park and Courtyard Theater. Events are heavily focused on plays and children’s plays but also include musical performances and concerts.

Because of its close proximity to Dallas, Plano sports fans root for the six professional teams in Dallas including the Texas Rangers (baseball), the Dallas Cowboys (football), the Dallas Mavericks and the Dallas Wings (basketball), the Dallas Sidekicks and FC Dallas (soccer) and the Dallas Stars (hockey). The Dallas Cowboys are the most famous of Dallas’ teams as they are known as “America’s” team.

Many notable people have called Plano home including former professional cyclist Lance Armstrong, actor Chace Crawford, Olympic medalist and gymnast Nastia Liukin and Texas Senate member Florence Shapiro.