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Accounts receivable financing, also referred to as invoice factoring, is a common financial solution many businesses use to speed up their cash flow.

Accounts Receivable Financing & Invoice Factoring is the Cash-Flow Solution

Vermont invoice factoring and accounts-receivable financingFactoring companies offer these solutions to help businesses maintain and grow operations. Scale Funding’s Vermont invoice factoring and accounts receivable financing programs work by selling your invoices to Scale Funding. Within 24 hours, we’ll deposit a cash advance on your invoice amount directly into your bank account. Once your customer pays the invoice, we’ll deposit the remaining balance of the invoice into your account, minus a small fee for our services.

Scale Funding’s same-day funding, low rates, and high advances make us the number one choice among Vermont factoring companies.

Factoring is an Alternative to a Business Loan or Line of Credit

Although many companies use a business loan or line of credit to fund their business, these may not always be the perfect solution.

If you’re in need of fast cash, a loan or line of credit is not the right option. Applying for and getting approved can take months. With invoice factoring, we can quote and qualify a business within 15 minutes. Once your account is set up, funding occurs same-day.

One other benefit of choosing our Vermont accounts receivable financing programs is that it does not create debt like a business loan or a line of credit. Since there is no debt, we will not cap the amount we provide. The more contracts you accept, the more cash we’ll advance.

Providing Cash Flow to Many Industries

Scale Funding has provided a cash-flow solution to thousands of companies in a variety of industries. Below are just a few of the industries we consider ourselves experts in.

Trucking & Freight Government Contractors
Technology Telecommunications & Wireless
Staffing Agencies Utility & Pipeline
Heavy Construction Renewable Energy
Many More

Custom Vermont Factoring Company Programs

Scale Funding’s Vermont accounts receivable financing and invoice factoring programs are custom to fit your business needs. No matter what your business stage or financial situation is, our programs can work for you.

Our accounts receivable financing and invoice factoring programs are able to provide cash to companies that are:

  • Starting-up
  • Expanding
  • Waiting on slow-paying customers
  • Maxed out from a bank
  • Turned down from a bank
  • Looking for a debtor-in-possession financing solution

Scale Funding offers factoring services to companies in cities like Burlington, Montpelier, Manchester & more. For information on invoice factoring programs, call (800) 707-4845.

Latest Vermont Updates

  • Montpelier, Vermont Staffing Company Funded $11,000 with Invoice Factoring
  • Williston, Vermont Pipeline Company Approved for $100,000 with Invoice Factoring
  • Burlington, Vermont Trucking Company Approved for $220,000 with Accounts-Receivable Financing
  • Rutland City, Vermont Trucking Company Approved for $60,000 with Invoice Factoring


Vermont invoice factoring and accounts-receivable financingVermont is a little state that sits tucked amidst the other colonial states up in New England. Don’t let its small size fool you though, Vermont is jam-packed with both beautiful scenic views, lots of outdoor activities, museums and other cultural centers, as well as all kinds of fairs, concerts, and festivals. Vermont is also famous for its many famous artisan products that get lovingly produced within its borders.


After the Revolutionary War, Vermont acted as an independent entity for 14 years. It had its own governor that ruled and even had a statewide postal service. There were a few attempts to adopt Vermont into the Union that were held up because New York asserted a claim that Vermont was actually part of New York. Several meetings and agreements later, and Vermont was the first state inducted into the Union after the original thirteen. The state motto “Stella quarta decima fulgeat” translates to “may the fourteenth star shine bright” and celebrates that fact. Prior to the Civil War, Vermont was the first state to abolish adult slavery and actively aided the Underground Railroad while the rest of the country dealt with racial and political tensions. Vermont continued this trend of being forward-thinking in regards to social issues, as women there gained the right to vote decades before it became a part of the national constitution. They were also the first state to grant civil unions as well as legislate same-sex marriage.

Natural Wonder

Those looking to visit Vermont should first check out all of its natural wonder and beauty. The Long Trail is the oldest long-distance hiking trail in the nation. Built by the Green Mountain Club between 1910 and 1930, this is a 272-mile footpath, with over 185 miles of side trails and 70 campsites for hikers to stop and take shelter and roast a few marshmallows. The many trails offer ample opportunities for those looking for just a day hike, a weekend excursion, or an extended backpacking adventure. There are also several lakes, rivers, and streams that are perfect for fishing, kayaking, canoeing, and swimming. Vermont is also well known for its many mountain biking trails. Vermont’s steep and rolling geography makes it perfect for bikers of all skill levels, and many experienced mountain bikers come from all over the country to ride the steep and exhilarating trails.


Vermont has a lot more than just outdoor ventures. Travelers looking to learn a little bit and take in some culture will be happy to find the state full of museums galleries. In fact, Vermont has just as many art galleries as it does towns. At last count, there were 15 contemporary art galleries, and that’s not even counting the craft galleries and antique art stores. The Vermont Center for Photography displays incredible fine art photography from both American and international photographers. There is also a healthy mix of works by classic artists as well as contemporary photographers who are still turning out amazing pictures. Vermont Artisan Designs is a two-story museum of contemporary art, featuring incredible pieces both for display and for sale. This museum also takes in pieces of all mediums, from abstract paintings to kaleidoscopes to table lamps and sculptures. The featured exhibits rotate every month, so visitors are always treated to new and interesting sights. The Savoy Theatre is part movie theater, part performing arts center. The silver-screen portions show classic films, documentaries, children’s movies, and indie gems. The stage side is constantly putting on standard plays and musicals for those who wish to enjoy a live show. Not too far from there is the Lost Nation Theatre, which for 35 years has been staging productions of local playwrights in addition to more well known regional and national plays.

Vermont is also home to all kinds of state and county fairs that are premier attractions for locals and visitors alike. All in all, there are over 13 fairs and festivals that happen throughout the year, so no matter what time of the year people are traveling through, one is sure to be just a few weeks away. These fairs and festivals feature music, arts, crafts, games and carnival rides. There are of course also other great country attractions like tractor pulls, hay rides, and maybe even a demolition derby. The most popular of these is the Tunbridge World Fair, which has been running continuously since 1867 and also features harness racing, horse pulling, and a swine show.


The capital city of Montpelier is actually the least-populous capital city in the United States, but that doesn’t mean there is nothing to do here. Tourists who enjoy retail therapy will find several shops, boutiques, and vendors selling all kinds home-made wares. The Capital City Farmer’s market has over 50 local vendors selling locally grown and made wares from May through October. There are also many opportunities to learn about the rich history of Vermont. The Greek revival capital building is open every day, giving free, guided tours. There’s also the Vermont History Museum and the Vermont Heritage Galleries that chronicle the state’s history from way back in the 1600s to present day. Then there is Hubbard Park, a 185-acre park and nature reserve right in the middle of the city. Full of great walking and biking trails, not too many cities have a park this large right in the middle of downtown.


The Vermont economy is dominated by a few large companies and agricultural industries. The state’s largest employer is IBM, followed by ice-cream giant Ben and Jerry’s. There are several important agricultural products such as apples and cheese that are cultivated here, but none more so than maple syrup. Vermont maple syrup is a nationally recognized seal of quality, like Wisconsin cheese or Georgia peaches. There are several companies both large and small that specialize in all manner of carefully refined maple syrup, made straight from the source and bottled in chemically neutral glass. In fact, despite its small size, Vermont leads the U.S. in maple syrup production, contributing 40.7 percent of the nation’s total. This adds up to an incredible 3 million gallons of syrup. Finally, Vermont is the country’s third-largest home for captive insurance companies, which are a growing part of the state’s economy. Captive insurance companies are insurance companies that are created and controlled by the companies they insure. This allows companies to keep their premiums low while also getting the specific coverage they need for their business.

Small but Fun

While Vermont is small, it is full of exciting and interesting things to do and see. Travelers will fall in love with the natural beauty of the state and are sure to find all sorts of interesting niche and craft products at its many fairs, festivals, and markets. Its dedication to the arts makes it an ideal getaway for anyone looking to engage in some cultural learning and art enthusiasts alike. History buffs too will enjoy the many places and ways to immerse themselves in the deep and intriguing history of America’s fourteenth state. When headed up to New England, be sure to stop through this little gem, Vermont will certainly not disappoint.