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factoring companies in Virginia BeachInvoice factoring, also referred to as accounts receivable financing, is a cash-flow solution many companies use to bridge the gap from the time their customer pays them and when they have to pay their bills. It works by selling your invoices to a factoring company in exchange for same-day cash.

Although there are many factoring companies in Virginia Beach and the surrounding areas, Scale Funding is known for its flexible programs and easy-to-setup factoring lines. Our rates are low and our cash advances are high.

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Industry Experience

Scale Funding has a 22-plus track record of providing a variety of industries with the cash they need. Below are just a few of the industries that benefit from our Virginia Beach invoice factoring programs.

Technology Telecom & Wireless
Trucking & Freight Government Contractors
Heavy Construction Manufacturing
Oilfield Services Staffing Agencies
Utility Pipeline
Renewable Energy Distribution

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One of the reasons Scale Funding is your top choice among Virginia Beach factoring companies and others throughout the United States is because of our flexible and custom programs. No matter what your situation is, our invoice factoring and accounts-receivable financing programs deliver you the cash you need.
Scale Funding can provide you with the cash you need if you are:

  • Waiting on slow-paying customers
  • Growing
  • A start-up
  • Turned down by a bank because of credit
  • In a bank workout situation
  • Filling for Chapter 11 bankruptcy

Virginia Beach, Virginia

factoring companies in Virginia BeachLocated on the southeast coast of Virginia, Virginia Beach is the most populated city in the state. It is part of the Virginia Beach-Norfolk-Newport News Metropolitan Statistical Area (MSA), often called Hampton Roads. Although the areas within an MSA are not legally tied together, they are often closely linked economically because their economic sectors tend to overlap.


Native Americans had lived in the area of present-day Virginia Beach for thousands of years before European settlers first landed on its shores in 1607. Their arrival at Cape Henry, which was named after the eldest son of King James I, is known as the “The First Landing.” With its location at the northern tip of Virginia Beach, Cape Henry became a navigation point for British ships coming to America. As such, the governor requested that a lighthouse be built in 1720 to help them find their way. However, it was a long time before the actual construction began and the lighthouse wasn’t completed until 1791. Today, the lighthouse stands as the official symbol for Virginia Beach. In 1880, the first clubhouse was built on the ocean, which established Virginia Beach as a destination resort town. After the introduction of the railroad and electricity to the area, the population of Virginia Beach grew and it was officially incorporated as a town in 1906. Virginia Beach became an independent city in 1952.


Although agriculture has declined in the area over the past 50 years, the agribusiness is still vital to the economy of Virginia Beach. In fact, the economic impact of agricultural products for Virginia Beach in 2015 was almost $121 million. The top three crops for the area are corn, soybeans and wheat. This region is also the largest producer of strawberries in the state. The city has supported the agribusiness in many ways, including organizing and sponsoring two local farmers markets. In addition to the city run farmers markets, there are many private farmers markets every week, which provide significant revenue to smaller farms. Within the agricultural sector, livestock and poultry are also important contributors. While not directly considered agriculture, Virginia Beach is a major attraction for the horse industry, offering a variety of equine-related activities including horse shows and polo matches.


The defense sector is one of the largest suppliers of employment in the Virginia Beach area. In fact, Virginia Beach has the largest population of active-military in the United States. There are ten major military establishments in the area, which represent all of the service branches of the United States military. Virginia Beach is also home to the only NATO Headquarters outside of Europe. Seven of the top ten private defense related firms are located in Virginia Beach, including Engility Corporation, Allied Technology Group Inc., and Lockheed Martin Corporation, among others. Additionally, there are two major federal research-and-development centers in the area, NASA Langley Research Center and Thomas Jefferson National Accelerator Facility.


factoring companies in Virginia BeachThe tourism industry generates some of the largest revenues for the economy of Virginia Beach. In 2015, tourism brought in a record $1.4 billion in revenue for the area and Virginia Beach alone accounts for 43 percent of travel related spending in Hampton Roads. Unlike many resort towns, a majority of the visitors to Virginia Beach travel by car. The money visitors save on air travel gives them additional funds to spend in the retail and service businesses in Virginia Beach. Although tourism spikes in the summer, the city is able to see significant revenue from the industry year round as Virginia Beach is a destination for conferences and conventions.

Advanced Manufacturing

Although traditionally known primarily for its shipbuilding, Virginia Beach’s advanced manufacturing sector has become much more diverse and is one of their fastest growing industries. In fact, Forbes named Virginia Beach one of America’s “Manufacturing Boomtowns” in 2013. Manufacturing companies in Virginia Beach produce everything from medical equipment to architectural graphics and everything in between. Recently, SANJO Corte Fino, a Spanish metal-stamping company, announced that they were building their North American headquarters in Virginia Beach and investing $17.5 million in real estate and equipment. Additionally, Canada Metal Ltd., a Canadian manufacturer of marine and industrial products, recently invested $3 million into building their first U.S. facility in Virginia Beach.