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Invoice Factoring for Immediate Business Finance

Many businesses rely on banks for the financing they need to keep the doors open. But what most do not realize is that their invoices are an immediate source of cash flow. Invoice factoring, which is also referred to as accounts-receivable financing and receivable financing, is when you sell invoices to a factoring company at a discount, and the factoring company provides an advance on the invoice total. When your invoices pay 30 to 90 days later, the factoring company pays you the remainder, less a factoring fee.

When you choose to work with Scale Funding, the best among Vancouver factoring companies, you are building a partnership to alleviate your business needs. When a bank loan or a bank line of credit has a limit and can take months to get approved, our Vancouver invoice factoring lines can be set up in a few days and can grow with your business, to up to $20 million a month.

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So when you are looking for a business financing solution that is fast, simple and flexible, contact Scale Funding about our Vancouver accounts-receivable financing programs, and get approved in as little as 15 minutes.

Industry Experience – Including Yours

Scale Funding has over two decades of experience providing superior financing to businesses like yours. We have worked in many industries, which means we know what it takes to get your invoices paid in a timely manner. At Scale Funding, we have worked with all of the major players in each industry, building solid relationships through our professional and courteous collections team. Here are some of the industries we have worked in over the years:

 Trucking & Freight Oilfield Services Staffing Agencies
 Government Contractors Utility Pipeline
 Heavy Construction Welding HDD
 Technology Renewable Energy Telecom & Wireless

What’s Your Need? Let’s Create a Solution.

Companies take advantage of our financing programs because we are flexible, fast and provide top-notch customer service. Whether you are struggling because of slow-paying customers, cannot qualify for bank financing, or are simply looking to get funding that will grow as you grow, our Vancouver accounts-receivables financing programs are ideal for business to business companies. Here are some of the situations in which our programs assist:

  • Turned down by a bank
  • Less-than-perfect credit
  • Tax problems
  • Bank workout situations
  • Bankruptcy
  • Waiting to get paid
  • Expanding & growing
  • Maxed-out lines of credit
  • Start ups

Vancouver, Washington

Vancouver, the 4th largest city in Washington, is situated along the north bank of the Columbia River. With a population of approximately 161,791, it is the county seat of the Clark County and is an important part of the Portland-Vancouver metropolitan area. Vancouver shares its name with another large city in British Columbia, Canada.

Vancouver and British Columbia were both named after the famous captain George Vancouver; however, Vancouver, British Columbia was incorporated approximately 29 years after Vancouver, Washington was incorporated.


The area was initially inhabited by Chinook Indians who flourished from the offerings of the forest and the river. In 1972, Robert Gay, an American trader, became the first non-native to enter through the Columbia River. In the same year, a captain under George Vancouver named a point after his commander while exploring the river.

In 1806, Meriwether Lewis and William Clark camped in the area, and Lewis characterized this area as the only place of settlement among the Rocky Mountains; however, the first European settlement came only in the year 1824. It was in this year that Fort Vancouver was established for fur trading by the Hudson Bay Company. Fort Vancouver was an attractive destination because it offered safety, supplies and security to the settlers.

In 1846, the Oregon Treaty was signed between the United States and Great Britain, which gave United States full control of the area.

American troops arrived to establish Columbia Barracks (later known as Vancouver) and the place was made the military headquarters. The neighboring settlement was known as the City of Columbia. The city of Vancouver finally came into existence on January 23, 1857.

Also, as per the legislative act of 1859-1860, the city was the capital of the Washington Territory before the capital status was given to Olympia, Washington.

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Vancouver is just across the border from Portland, making it a great location for businesses to thrive.

Since its inception in 1857, the city has steadily developed over the years, and in 1908, the first rail line through the Washington side of the Columbia River reached the city of Vancouver. In 1910, the much-awaited railroad bridge was opened and in 1917, the first interstate bridge was completed.

Interestingly, World War II came as a strong economic boom for the city, because an aluminum plant opened in Vancouver. It was built in the same year that Vancouver’s Kaiser Shipyard was built, which helped the American war effort.

In 1966, Vancouver City Hall was built and in 1977 the first mall came into existence. Over the years, the city has developed and Vancouver is a city proud of its rich history.

Trade, Manufacturing and Agriculture

From the beginning, Vancouver was the main trading center in Clark County, which drew many farmers from the region. By 1867, more than 7 general merchandise stores had opened. Furthermore, the lush green area surrounding the area led to the development of a plethora of companies that manufactured wood products.

The waterfront of the city boomed during the latter years of the 19th century as products from  nearby mills were transported on commercial vessels for shipment to distant places.

Culture and Recreational Activities

Fort Vancouver National Historic Site

The park is proud of its rich cultural past. The historic site includes a reconstructed fort with a seasonal lavish garden, bastion, working trade houses for carpentry, baking and an outlying village. It is a not to miss place because it showcases the rich history of the city.

Tourist Attractions

Stanley Park, a 1000 acre park that lies at the tip of Vancouver’s thumb, is one of the most popular tourist attractions in the city. Cycle and jog around the 14 mile-long seawall that actually hugs the Vancouver waterfront. Also, bikers can easily explore 17 miles of forest trails.

Granville Island is a lively place comprised of trendy galleries, restaurants and theaters. It is considered by some to be the best open-air market in North America. Anyone visiting in the summer must make this market a stop.


Vancouver is the winner of Walking Magazine’s Walkable Community Award. From walking to running, biking to fishing and from kayaking to canoeing, the city offers recreational activities to residents and visitors alike. The city has a plethora of indoor recreational centers, including: Source Climbing Center, which has a 36 foot tall wall with 25 top rope anchors and over 50 routes to get to the top. It is a paradise for adventure lovers and people who look to live life differently.

During the past 20 years, Vancouver has witnessed phenomenal growth and the city now stands poised to flourish and prosper in the 21st century.