4 Benefits of Oilfield Water Hauling

Water hauling has become a very common and lucrative profession with oil and gas exploration across the United States and Canada. If you’re currently a trucking professional, and you’re seeking an oilfield water hauling position, consider these four benefits specific to oilfield water hauling.
oilfield water hauler

1. High Wages

Water haulers can expect to make $17 or more per hour and up, even with limited experience. In the oil patch, overtime pays commonly at time and a half, creating hourly salaries nearing $35 per hour and up. A professional, full-time water hauler can likely make as much as $90,000 per year or more, including overtime wages. More importantly, a water hauler must be versatile. Oilfield water haulers are usually required to do some light lifting, and all professional water haulers need to make sure that trucks are maintained and in good working condition. Often, vac pumps must be greased and oiled and tires and hoses are fitted daily.

2. Experience

In the trucking industry, you may only need an accredited school that offers training (a common timeline of four to six weeks) and then some experience on the road. Professional water hauling relies heavily on your trucking experience, your ability to work hard, and many other values commonly understated in today’s economy. Once hired, a water hauler typically goes through rigorous training – not only on trucking regulations but also hands-on orientation with equipment and processes.

3. High Demand

In today’s economy, demand is an important factor to consider when looking and applying for work. Oilfield service providers and the oil and gas industry are still very busy, filling jobs such as water hauling for their companies. It’s not recession proof, but there are still many companies that are looking for workers to service rigs in oil and gas hotspots such as Texas, North Dakota, and Pennsylvania.

4. Flexibility

Very few will argue that oilfield water hauling is easy, or that the hours aren’t long, but oilfield water hauling can be a lucrative, lasting and rewarding profession. Many companies will work with drivers to fit scheduling and needs. You can start on nights, move into days and possibly opportunities for day-shift openings.


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