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Instead of waiting 30 to 90 days for customer payment, choose a Pennsylvania factoring company that offers invoice factoring and accounts receivable financing programs. Scale Funding serves a variety of companies in Pennsylvania with same day funding and quality customer service.

Choose Scale Funding as Your Pennsylvania Factoring Company

  • Consultation and quotes in as little as 15 minutes.
  • No setup or application fees.
  • Invoices into cash within 24 hours.
  • Invoice factoring volumes from $50,000 to $20 million.
  • Funding Pennsylvania companies since 1994.
  • Unlike business loans or business lines of credit, no debt is added to your balance sheet.
  • Added-services at no extra cost include a dedicated relationship manager, credit analysis, risk assessment, full-service treasury, and collections team.
  • 24/7 online reporting of account activity.

Industry Expertise

Since 1994, Scale Funding has provided funding to companies working in a variety of industries.

factoring for oilfield service companiesOil & Gas Services: Frac Sand Haulers, Flowback testing, Drilling Contractors, Roustabouts, Gravel Haulers, & More invoice factoring and accounts-receivable financing for government contractorsGovernment Contracts: Local, State, Federal, Security, Technology, Defense, Transportation, & More
trucking and freight factoringTrucking & Freight: Flatbeds, Reefers, Hot Shots, Log Haulers, Tanker Fleets, Bulk Materials, & More heavy construction factoring & financeInfrastructure & Heavy Construction: Excavating, Construction, Trenching Services, Site Preparation, & More
invoice factoring and accounts-receivable financing for telecom and wireless contractorsTelecom & Wireless Contractors: Engineering, Planning, Installation, Upgrades, Maintenance, & More invoice factoring and accounts-receivable financing for utility contractors and pipeline contractorsUtility & Pipeline: Horizontal Directional Drilling, Crane Operators, Pipeline Maintenance, Construction, & More
invoice factoring and accounts-receivable financing for technology companiesTechnology: Data Management, Consultants, Network Administration, Software Development, & More Invoice factoring and accounts-receivable financing for staffing agenciesStaffing Agencies: Medical, IT, Industrial, Clerical, Administrative, General Labor, & More
invoice factoring and accounts-receivable financing for solar, wind, and renewable energy contractorsRenewable Energy: Wind Energy, Solar Farms, Construction, Maintenance, Site Preparation, & More Invoice factoring for other industriesOther Industries: Apparel, Security, Janitorial, Wholesale, Manufacturing, Service Providers, & More

Funding Pennsylvania Companies Since 1994

Get Cash for Your Business

Companies look to Scale Funding’s invoice factoring and accounts receivable financing programs to get the cash their business needs. Factoring provides you with consistent cash flow so you’re able to smoothly run your operations.

Pennsylvania invoice factoring companies turn invoices into same-day cash

Expansion & Growth

Companies growing faster than their cash reserves utilize invoice factoring to get quick cash to keep up with business demands.

Maxed-Out Lines of Credit

Banks put a limit on the amount you can borrow through your line of credit. When your line is capped, invoice factoring provides you with the missing capital needed.

Slow-Paying Customers

Instead of waiting to be paid by your customers, accounts receivable financing pays you the day you invoice. Scale Funding, your top choice among Pennsylvania factoring companies, makes sure your invoice is paid so you can focus on your business.


While you may have invested most of your capital into your start-up, you still need money for daily operating expenses. Invoice factoring is your solution.

Bank Turn-Downs

Banks won’t lend to a business if the risk is too high. However, alternative financing options, such as invoice factoring and accounts receivable financing from Scale Funding, provide you with the capital you need.

Less-Than-Perfect Credit

If your credit isn’t ideal, it makes it difficult to obtain the funding needed from a bank. With our Pennsylvania invoice factoring programs, we look at the credit of your customers rather than yours.

Tax Problems

Tax problems, such as liens, can make it nearly impossible to get traditional lending from a bank. Our creative financial solutions can work with your situation to get you the capital needed.

Bank Workouts

Banks turn away when risk gets high, making it a difficult situation for you. When the cash you rely on from a line of credit or loan is taken away, call Scale Funding. We can provide you with the capital you need.


Companies going through bankruptcy, post-petition, or reorganization rely on invoice factoring. The steady cash flow gives them the funds they need to get back on their feet.

Latest Pennsylvania Updates

  • Factoryville, Pennsylvania Frac Sand Hauler Funded $200,000 with Invoice Factoring
  • Mount Bethel, Pennsylvania Welding Company Funded $250,000 with Accounts Receivable Financing
  • Shermans Dale, Pennsylvania Oilfield Service Company Funded $1 Million with Invoice Factoring
  • Manheim, Pennsylvania Freight Company Funded $75,000 with Invoice Factoring
  • Bethlehem, Pennsylvania Technology Company Funded $120,000 with Accounts Receivable Factoring

We’ve helped many companies in cities throughout Pennsylvania with their cash flow including:

Allentown Erie
Philadelphia Pittsburgh

Improve your cash flow with Scale Funding’s Pennsylvania invoice factoring solution. Call (800) 707-4845 to learn more.


Pennsylvania factoring companies provide many industries with a cash flow solutionPennsylvania is the sixth most populous state with about 12.8 million residents. The top five biggest cities include Philadelphia, Pittsburgh, Allentown, Erie, and Reading. Philadelphia is by far the largest with more than 1.5 million people. The state capital, Harrisburg, is much smaller in comparison with less than 50,000 residents.

The state is covered with mountains, rolling hills, ridges, plateaus, valleys, and forests. Forestland covers more than 50 percent of the state. Several rivers also flow through Pennsylvania including the Allegheny, Susquehanna, Delaware, and Ohio.


Agriculture is an important “Quaker State” industry. Common products include dairy, cattle, mushrooms, and eggs. Pennsylvania is one of the top states when it comes to milk production.

Hershey, also known as the “Chocolate Capital,” is home to the Hershey Company. Milton S. Hershey started making Hershey’s Milk Chocolate Bars in 1900 in this town.

Oil exploration was an important part of the state’s economic history. The first U.S. oil well was dug in Titusville in 1859. This started an oil boom which lasted until about 1900. While there’s not as many as in earlier years, there’s still a fair number of active drilling rigs in the state.

Mining is also another important industry for the “Keystone State.” Due to the mining for coal and iron, the steel industry also became prominent. Bethlehem Steel Corporation was once a large producer of steel and the largest shipbuilder in America. Unfortunately, the steel industry declined significantly in the early 2000s and the company was sold to the International Steel Group. The song Allentown by Billy Joel, explains the situation and the blue-collared workers this affected.


Pennsylvania has 147 colleges and universities.

In 1946, the first computer was developed at the University of Pennsylvania. It was known as ENIAC, Electronic Numerical Integrator and Computer. John Mauchly and J. Presper Eckert designed ENIAC. It was funded by the United States Army. The project today would equal to about $6.8 million.

Other well-known colleges and universities include Carnegie Mellon University, Haverford College, Bucknell University, Penn State, University of Pittsburg, and Gettysburg College.


Between attractions, historic landmarks, sports teams, and recreational actives, there are many things to do throughout the state.

Andy Warhol was a famous artist and cultural icon born in Philadelphia. Today the Andy Warhol Museum exhibits his work throughout.

Founded as the Department of Fine Arts in 1895, Carnegie Museum is located in Pittsburgh. The museum has more than 30,000 items on display including paintings, sculptures, models, films, and more.

The Gettysburg Museum and Visitor Center is full of historical information focusing on the Civil War and the Battle of Gettysburg. A statue of Abraham Lincoln sits outside of the museum.

invoice factoring helps companies in Pennsylvania Independence National Historic Park has several historic sites. Independence Hall is where the Declaration of Independence was adopted in 1776. The United States Constitution was also created there in 1787. Congress Hall has also had several historical events occur there including the election of George Washington and John Adams. The Liberty Bell is also located in the park, which has been a symbol of American independence.

The city of Hershey is another top destination attracting millions each year. Hershey’s Chocolate World, Hershey Gardens, and Hershey Park are the top three attractions for this town.

Several sports teams call either Philadelphia or Pittsburg home. These include the Philadelphia Eagles (NFL), Philadelphia Flyers (NHL), Philadelphia Phillies (MLB), Philadelphia Union (MLS), Philadelphia 76ers (NBA), Pittsburg Penguins (NHL), and Pittsburg Pirates (MLB).


Pennsylvania factoring companies - history of Pennsylvania Pennsylvania was originally founded in 1681 and became the second state to sign the United States Constitution in 1787 at Independence Hall located in Philadelphia.

Although he was born in Massachusetts, Benjamin Franklin lived most of his life in Philadelphia. He made several contributions to American history including his work on the United States Constitution and inventions that include the lightning rod, stove, and bifocal glasses.

In 1863, the Battle of Gettysburg was fought, resulting in the most casualties during a single Civil War battle.

In 1909, Pittsburgh built its first baseball stadium, Forbes Field. The Pittsburg Pirates won their first World Series there that year. Several other historical events happened in Forbes Field.

  • The football team for the University of Pittsburg made the field its home from the year it opened until 1924.
  • The field hosted several boxing matches from the 1910s to the 1950s.
  • In 1921, the first live radio broadcast of an MLB game was broadcasted from the stadium.
  • In 1933, Art Rooney founded the Pittsburg Pirates NFL team. They played their first game at Forbes Field and lost against the New York Giants.
  • The legendary baseball player Babe Ruth hit his last three home runs at the stadium in 1935.
  • Many of the scenes from the 1951 movie, Angels in the Outfield, were shot here.

In 1913, the first drive-in gas station in the United States was built in Pittsburgh. The station was located on Baum Boulevard, which became known as “automobile row.”

Crystal Bird Fauset was the first African American woman to be elected to a state legislature in 1938.

In 1955, the Pennsylvania Human Relations Act was established. This act helped prevent employment discrimination.

In 1999, the state became the first one to include its URL on the license plate. Today, many states have also added URLs to their plates.

In 2001, United Airlines flight 93 was hijacked and crashed just southeast of Pittsburg. All passengers on board were killed in this attack.