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Red Flags to Look Out for When Hiring Staff for your Agency

December 19, 2017

Hiring staff can be an incredibly difficult process. The fact that hiring the wrong person could cost your staffing agency quite a bit of time and money means that often, the interview process is long and rigorous. However, employers can look for “Red Flags” during the interview process, sifting out those who are obviously unsuited for the job quickly, allowing employers the time they need to ensure that the best new hires are chosen from the top candidates for the job.

Essentially, red flags are characteristics or behaviors that indicate when a potential employee may not be the right fit for your company. For instance, if an applicant makes grammatical or spelling errors in important documents, it may indicate that that individual does not pay attention to detail. However, more often than not these warning signs may be too subtle to identify easily. So, how can you as an employer tease out the finer details of an applicant’s character?

Here is what to look for: 

Messing up the basics

This is the number-one flag for employers to look out for when considering potential employees. Candidates who arrive late for the interview should raise flags immediately. They either do not value the employment opportunity enough to be on time, or they lack the important ability to be timely.

Although it is important not to make a decision completely based on appearance, it is important that the candidate is dressed to impress. The risk of hiring someone who doesn’t groom and dress appropriately lies in the potential lack of professionalism – an imperative characteristic of a new hire.

Finally, pay careful attention to the prospect’s attitude towards the interview. If they seem to be lacking engagement, checking their watch constantly or refusing to make eye contact, it is likely that the individual is not right for the job. However, it is also important to pay attention to the potential employee’s attitude outside the interview room – ask others in the office to observe their behavior as well.

Incomplete resumes

Poor grammar and spelling on a resume are a clear fundamental issue and should always be a deal breaker for any credible staffing agency. However, it is important that you also watch closely for other understated traits that could point to deeper issues.

Along aside grammar and spelling, keep your eyes peeled for candidates that do not list employment dates on their resume. If these dates are missing, it may indicate that the individual gets bored with their work easily, or that they do not work well with others.

Poor interview skills

Candidates that seem to be giving evasive or “interview-prepared” answers should immediately raise alarm. Make sure that you continue to dig, asking as many questions necessary to understand who the applicant is beyond their prepared answers – you want someone who is capable of thinking on the spot.

Accepting vague answers will not help you identify if the applicant is right for the job and, if you choose to hire someone who “beats around the bush,” you may be blindsided by who your new employee really is once they start work.

Though it is important for an applicant to be able to think on their feet, it is also important to gauge how much the applicant prepared for the interview. It is good practice to ask a few questions specific to your company. Do they give a generic answer or have they done research on your company to prepare? If a candidate is unable to answer company-specific questions, it may indicate that a position at your company may not be a high priority for them.

The Final Word

The most important thing to keep in mind while hiring staff is to pay attention. Always have your eyes and ears ready to identify which professional protocol a potential employee follows or ignores. Trust your judgment and know that it is ultimately up to you to determine whether an individual would be a good fit for your organization.

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