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What is 5G?

Everything You Need to Know About 5G

September 26, 2019

As the world becomes more connected, our high demands on wireless technology means we rely more and more on 5G…

Wireless tower risk

Wireless Tower Risk Classifications

November 5, 2018

One of the foundations of knowledge people working in the wireless and communication tower industry have is the understanding of…

radio frequency safety for tower climbers

Radio Frequency Safety for Tower Climbers

September 4, 2018

Radio frequency safety for tower climbers is an important concern of tower service providers. While falls are an obvious hazard…

drones used for telecom tower inspection

Using Drones for Telecom Tower Inspection

August 9, 2018

According to the Society for Human Resource Management, during a recent ten-year span, there were 17 injuries and 91 fatalities…

cell tower safety tips

Cell Tower Construction & Maintenance Safety Tips

July 6, 2018

Working as a cell tower climber is one of the most dangerous jobs in the United States. Cell tower safety…

safety measures when working on wireless towers

A Cell Tower Veteran’s View – Safety Measures When Working On Wireless Towers

June 12, 2018

Recently, we had the opportunity to speak to a cell tower climber with some years of field experience. He offered…

VoIP or virtual phone systems ar good for small businesses

Why Virtual Phone Systems Are Best for SMBs

May 24, 2018

Over the past two decades, the telecom industry has made a significant shift to virtualization, stepping away from legacy PBX…

cloud computing

Cloud Computing and Its Benefits

January 29, 2018

In today‚Äôs modern business world, there is a tremendous amount of data that needs storage. Sure, on-site storage and paper…

lte or wimax

LTE or WIMAX: Is 3G on the Decline?

November 28, 2017

Communication technology is perhaps one of the most dynamic in the world. The fact that no new technology lasts decades…

fiber network

Fiber Network: Opportunities and Challenges

November 1, 2017

The rate at which information flows in modern digital technology is a marvel to behold. Limitless bandwidth transferred over a…