Top 10 Nostalgia and Memories From the 1970s

Every day we are inundated with new products and technologies. From energy drinks to fashion to smartphones, there is an ever-expanding selection of new goods that seem to come and go. For many people, the constant barrage of the latest greatest this or that is overwhelming.

People who grew up in the 1970s can recall simpler times. The consumer goods, technology, and lifestyle of the ’70s are much different than today. Here’s a look back in time to the top 10 nostalgia and memories from the 1970s.

The Top 10 Nostalgia and Memories from the 1970s


1970s rotary dial phone

1. Rotary dial telephones

Today’s teenagers and young adults have grown up connected to the world. Cell phones and social media provide instant contact with family and friends. Imagine what the young people today would do with a phone from the 1970s. If a rotary phone at home is confusing, imagine a pay phone.

1970s hi-fi stereo system

2. Hi-fi stereo system

Streaming services enable all of us to listen to our favorite music whenever we want. In the 70’s listening to music meant using a home stereo system or “hi-fi”. If you listened to music in your car, then pop in an 8-track tape.

instant polaroid camera from the 1970s

3. Polaroid instant camera

Nowadays we think nothing of grabbing a cell phone to take a picture and share it with friends. 40 years ago, instant cameras were the rage. Take a picture, pull the film, and then wave it around until it dried.


Top 10 nostolgia and memories from the 1970s

4. The Good Humor Ice Cream Truck

In the ’70s, kids played outside much more than they do today. One of the great joys for many kids was hearing the bells and songs from the Good Humor truck. For most kids, there was nothing better on a hot sunny day than a treat from the ice cream truck.

tang drink from the 1970s

5. Tang – The drink for Astronauts

In the early to middle 1970s, the space program was a source of pride and wonderment. Many kids wanted to grow up to be an Astronaut, and the first step to that goal was to drink what the Astronauts were drinking; Tang.

candy cigarettes from the 1970s

6. Candy cigarettes – You could even blow “smoke” with them.

One common candy item from the 1970s is no longer available. Not because it was terribly bad for kids, but because of how it may have influenced kids: the candy cigarette. Science and the promotion of healthy living have pushed the candy cigarette off store shelves.

Culture & Lifestyles

Nostalgia from the 1970s - timex watch

7. Timex watches – Takes a licking and keeps on ticking.

Most kids that grew up in the 1970s shared a common experience – they were not allowed to play or stay in the house during the summer. Mom’s sent the kids outdoors in the morning and expected them back at noon for lunch. How did kids know when to come in to eat – by using their Timex watch, which would “take a licking and keep on ticking”.

1970s roller skating rink

8. A night at the roller rink.

In the evenings, one of the most popular activities was to head to the skating rink. Roller Skating rinks were common in towns and cities across the country. Kids skated the oval to tunes from ABBA, the Bee Gees, and top disco hits.

1970s keep on truckin sticker

9. Keep on Truckin’

Keep on truckin’ – This wasn’t a call to keep driving a big rig, but more a feeling or a lifestyle. But buttons and patches to bumper stickers, the credo to keep on moving and grooving were everywhere.

1776 - 1976 US Bicentennial logo

10. The US Bicentennial

The Bicentennial celebration. Anyone and everyone celebrated the United States Bicentennial. For 2 years leading up to the big day, July 4, 1976, school kids were immersed in US history lessons, bicentennial quarters were minted and collected, and seemingly anything and everything was given a coat of red, white, and blue paint.

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