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Instead of waiting to get paid on your invoices, turn to our Iowa accounts receivable financing programs to get paid the day you’re ready to invoice. You’ll have immediate cash to pay your bills, meet payroll and more.

The Business Cash Flow Solution

A common financial solution companies use to speed up their cash flow is accounts receivable financing, also known as invoice factoring. Iowa accounts receivable financingWhile there are several factoring companies in Iowa, Scale Funding is your number-one choice. We offer same-day, competitive advances on your invoices. Our factoring rates are competitive and low. With more than 20 years of experience, you’ll have a knowledgeable team ready to assist you with any of your accounts-receivable needs.

Industry Expertise

Since 1994, our Iowa invoice factoring and accounts receivable financing programs have helped a variety of industries with their cash flow.

Manufacturing Trucking & Freight
Renewable Energy Heavy Construction
Government Contractors Staffing Agencies
Utility & Pipeline Oilfield Services
Telecom & Wireless Many More

Custom & Flexible Funding Programs

Our monthly programs range from $50,000 up to $20 million giving your business the ability to grow. We offer flexible and custom programs so that we’re able to fund a variety of businesses with our accounts receivable financing and invoice factoring programs.

If you’re in need of quick cash and one or more of these describes your business, Scale Funding can help.

  • You’re waiting to get paid
  • You’re expanding
  • You have less-than-perfect or maxed-out credit
  • You’re a start-up company
  • The bank turned you down
  • You have a tax lien
  • You filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy
  • You’re in a bank workout situation

Scale Funding helps companies in Cedar Rapids, Fort Dodge, Des Moines, Mason City, and Others. Call (800) 707-4845 to learn more.

Latest Iowa Updates

  • Waterloo, Iowa Trucking Company Funded $70,000 with Invoice Factoring
  • Hartley, Iowa Trucking Company Funded $300,000 with Accounts-Receivable Financing
  • Spirit Lake, Iowa Trucking Company Funded $200,000 with Accounts-Receivable Financing


Located in the Midwest, Iowa is surrounded by Wisconsin, Illinois, Missouri, Nebraska, South Dakota, and Minnesota. It is the only state with its east and west borders entirely formed by rivers. Iowa was named after a Native American tribe that once resided there, the Ioway. There are varying explanations for Iowa’s nickname, the Hawkeye State, but many believe it was chosen in reference to the great Chief Black Hawk.


The French were the first European explorers to visit the area of present-day Iowa in 1673, but Native Americans had already inhabited the land for thousands of years. In 1803, the territory of Iowa was part of the Louisiana Purchase, in which the United States purchased a large amount of territory from France. Following this, many disputes erupted over the ownership of the land between the white settlers and the Native Americans and led to the Black Hawk War. In 1833, the United States defeated the Native Americans and acquired the land through a treaty called the Black Hawk Purchase. It wasn’t until after the treaty was complete that the area was opened up for European-Americans to set up permanent settlements. The land of Iowa was temporarily part of the Michigan Territory and then the Wisconsin Territory until both were granted statehood. Iowa was officially granted statehood itself in 1846.


Iowa accounts-receivable financingAlthough Iowa is known as the agriculture state, the economy is actually very diverse. The leading contributor to the GDP of Iowa is manufacturing. However, a large portion of the manufacturing industry is food processing, which is directly related to the agricultural industry. In addition to food processing, machinery production is also a significant industry.

Even though it isn’t the main revenue producer for the state, agriculture is still a very important sector for the economy of Iowa. In fact, agriculture and the related industries account for over 33 percent of Iowa’s total output. Iowa’s primary agricultural products include corn, soybeans, hogs, cattle, eggs and dairy products. In the service sector, Iowa has a very strong financial and insurance industry. This state alone generates almost three percent of the nation’s insurance GDP.

Major Businesses

Machinery products are some of the most valuable exports for Iowa. John Deere, one of the leading manufacturers of agricultural equipment, has multiple factories in Iowa. Iowa is also known for producing construction machinery, mining, gas and oil machinery, and non-rail vehicles. Connected to the agricultural industry, meat processing, and cereal are the next most valuable exports for the state, as it is a leading producer of cattle and grains. In fact, the main cereal mill for Quaker Oats, the largest cereal company in the world, is located in Cedar Rapids. The healthcare sector is another major industry for Iowa. Health care provides almost as many jobs in Iowa as manufacturing. Recently, Iowa has also become a leading producer of renewable energy. It ranks first in the country’s production of ethanol, second in the country’s production of biodiesel and third in the country’s wind generation output.


Over ninety percent of the three million people who live in Iowa are white, making Iowa one of the most racially homogeneous states. It is likely that one of the reasons for the lack of diversity is that over 70 percent of the population was born and raised in Iowa. This means that the population remains largely unchanged over many generations. Despite this, the Hispanic and Latino population has been rapidly increasing. Although English is the official language of the state, the rising Hispanic and Latino population has made Spanish the next most common language. Historically the population of Iowa was very rural, but since the beginning of the 20th century, the population has shifted to increasingly urban living. Des Moines, the state’s capital and most populated city, had a population increase of almost 10 percent in the last six years. Other population centers include Cedar Rapids, Davenport, Sioux City, Iowa City, and Waterloo.


Iowa has a wealth of activities for tourists and residents alike. Its proximity to major rivers makes it the perfect place to see breathtaking waterfalls and beautiful scenery. For the history buff, Iowa has plenty of great museums and antiques. For the adventure seeker, Iowa has 15,000 acres of glacial lakes and many state parks with great hiking and natural caves. Des Moines also has a great up and coming food scene that can’t be missed.