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Get Cash for Your Business with Factoring

Maryland Factoring Company Programs

Accounts receivable financing, also known as invoice factoring, is a cash flow solution many Maryland businesses turn to. The benefits of choosing Scale Funding over other Maryland factoring companies include:

Benefits of Factoring Companies for Maryland Businesses

  • Maryland factoring companiesFree consultation and quote
  • Simple, quick and easy setup process
  • Provides immediate cash on invoices
  • Unlike business loans or lines of credit, invoice factoring does not create debt on your balance sheet
  • Advances up to 95 percent of the invoice amount
  • Programs range from $50,000 up to $20 million.
  • More than 20 years of experience
  • Added services including dedicated relationship managers, treasury, collections and more

Who Benefits from Invoice Factoring?

Since 1994, many industries have used our Maryland factoring company programs to fund their businesses. Below are just a few of the industries we fund.

Telecom & Wireless Heavy Construction
Technology Utility & Pipeline
Oilfield Services Trucking & Freight
Renewable Energy Government Contractors
Staffing Agencies Many More

Funding through Maryland Invoice Factoring Programs

Expansion & Growth

Companies who are growing rapidly use accounts-receivable financing to cash flow their business providing them with the funds they need to invest in new resources and add additional employees.

Maxed-Out Lines of Credit

With a bank, you’re only allowed so much cash before you’re maxed out. With invoice factoring, there are no limits. The amount of cash you receive grows as your business grows.

Slow-Paying Customers

In many business-to-business industries, it’s common to wait 30 days or more for customer payment. Accounts-receivable financing eliminates this issue by paying you the same day on your invoices.


Start-ups need steady cash to run day-to-day operations and invest in new resources. Invoice factoring gives you a reliable stream of cash to get your business off the ground.

Bank Turn-Downs

Banks turn down companies for a variety of reasons. Scale Funding is able to provide financing solutions to companies when banks say no.

Less-Than-Perfect Credit

If you have no credit or less-than-perfect credit, it makes it difficult to get adequate funding from a bank. Factoring companies eliminate this problem as credit is checked on your customers rather than yours.

Tax Problems

If you have a tax lien or issue, you know that it’s unlikely to get funding from a bank. Invoice factoring is a creative finance solution that allows you to get the funds you need even with tax issues.

Bank Workouts

When the risks get high, banks take away funding that your business depends on. Instead of closing your doors, turn to a factoring company like Scale Funding to continue getting the capital you need to operate and grow.


Even if your company is in a reorganization situation after bankruptcy, we can help provide the cash you need to get back on your feet.

We’ve supplied cash flow to many companies in Maryland, in cities including:

Baltimore Bethesda
Frederick Gaithersburg
Greenbelt Rockville
Worcester County

Get cash for your Maryland business with creative financing solutions like accounts receivable financing. Call (800) 707-4845 to learn more.

Latest Maryland Updates

  • Frederick, Maryland Telecom Company Approved for $300,000 with a Maryland Invoice Factoring Line
  • Handover, Maryland Trucking Company Uses Factoring Company to Grow Operations
  • Baltimore, Maryland Staffing Agency Funded $425,000 in Payroll Funding
  • Bethesda, Maryland Tower Services Company Approved for $40,000 with a Maryland Accounts-Receivable Financing Line
  • Severn, Maryland Trucking Company Eliminates Slow-Paying Customer with Factoring Receivables


Located in the northeast part of the United States, Maryland is home to a little more than 6 million people. Annapolis, the state’s capital, has a smaller population of under 40,000. The city of Baltimore has the most residents with more than 620,000 people. Other large cities in the state include Columbia, Germantown, Silver Spring, and Waldorf. Worcester County is a notable region of the state, offering much to residents and visitors.

Maryland factoring companiesFrom water to mountains, Maryland’s terrain varies. Major lakes include Lake Oakland, Deep Creek Lake, and Loch Raven Reservoir. Some of the major rivers include Potomac, Patapsco, Patuxent, and Susquehanna. Maryland has several mountains and hills including Hoye-Crest, Roth Rock, Wild Turkey Rock, Allegheny Heights, Conneway Hill, and Eagle Rock.

The eastern section of the state is dominated by the Chesapeake Bay and surrounding coastal plains and bays. There are an abundant amount of coves, creeks, salt marshes and islands. The northwestern section of the state is fertile land with hills and the Blue Ridge Mountains.

Because of the various terrains, Maryland’s climate, flora, and wildlife vary throughout. In western Maryland, the climate is continental with cold winters and hot summers. The eastern part of the state has a humid climate – especially in the summer when it can reach 100 percent humidity.

Wildlife that roams the state includes white-tailed deer, raccoon, foxes, woodchucks, chipmunks, squirrels, bald eagles, and others. The state has a lot of shellfish with all of its water including oysters, clams, and crabs.


Maryland was one of the original 13 colonies that declared independence in 1776. Because Maryland was one of the earliest explored areas in America, several historic events occurred there and many well-known names lived there.

Fort Frederick State Park is a historic location in Maryland that was used as the frontier defense during the French and Indian War which occurred between 1754 and 1763. Since the war, the stone wall and two barracks have been restored and replicated to the 1758 appearance. This park hosts special events and military reenactments.

Born in what is now known as Carrol County, Francis Scott Key is famous for writing the lyrics to the national anthem, “The Star-Spangled Banner.” His poem was inspired by what he witnessed during the War of 1812.

Born in Maryland, Clara Barton, a nurse during the American Civil War, founded the American Red Cross. Today, the home that she lived in from 1897 to 1912 is a museum to honor her memory.

Maryland factoring companiesOn September 17, 1862, the Battle of Antietam brought an end to General Lee’s first northern invasion. Antietam National Battlefield Site, located in Sharpsburg, is marked by monuments and exhibits to memorialize the bloody battle between 87,000 Union troops and 41,000 Confederates.

During the early years of Maryland, its economy was focused on tobacco produced and harvested by slave labor. Harriet Tubman played a major role in freeing many of the slaves, including herself during the late 1800s and early 1900s. Frances Ellen Watkins Harper is also known for her abolitionist efforts.


Because Maryland is within close proximity of Washington D.C., much of its employment and industries are closely tied to the government. Some of the top industries include information technology, telecommunications, and aerospace and defense.

Fort Meade, a U.S. Army base, is one of the top employers in the state. It has several offices and employs more than 40,000 people.

With headquarters in Bethesda, Lockheed Martin is another large company in Maryland that focuses on global aerospace, defense, technology, and security. It’s one of the largest companies in its industry in the world.

Discovery Communications makes Silver Spring it’s home. With more than three billion worldwide subscribers, it creates many jobs in the media and entertainment industries for both Maryland residents and others around the globe.

Another major contributing industry to the economy is fishing. Having the Chesapeake Bay makes it easy to harvest shellfish including crabs, clams, and oysters.


Because the state has both mountains and bodies of water as well as warm and cold climates, residents and visitors enjoy a variety of outdoor activities. Snowmobiling, boating, swimming, hiking and golfing are just a few of them.

The state has many destinations for all to enjoy including:

  • Maryland factoring companiesBaltimore Museum of Art
  • Baltimore Theatre Project
  • Crystal Grottoes Caverns
  • Chesapeake Bay Maritime Museum
  • The Crosswinds Indoor Water Park Resort
  • Frontier Town
  • Howard Peters Rawlings Conservatory and Botanic Gardens
  • Jolly Roger
  • National Museum of Civil War Medicine
  • Onley Theatre
  • Six Flags America
  • Splash Mountain