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C.H. Robinson
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factoring for c.h. robinson

C.H. Robinson Worldwide, Inc.

C.H. Robinson is one of the largest providers of third-party logistics and multimodal transportation services in the world. This Fortune 500 Company focuses mainly on transportation management, freight transportation and warehousing and brokerage services. The firm fulfills these services by using various modes of transport, including truckload, less-than-truckload, ocean transport, air freight and intermodal means.

C.H. Robinson has distinguished itself in a crowded field by developing an unshakable reputation for solving the biggest and toughest supply chain problems. The company’s goal is to stimulate global trade by making sure that the goods and products driving commerce are delivered in a timely manner. Furthermore, clients are assured that the company’s services will help them manage costs, minimize risks, outpace the competition and exceed customer expectation.

This company uses an impressive blended workforce, efficient processes and cutting-edge technology to improve transportation and supply change management. This approach has seen C.H. Robinson continue to earn substantial revenues annually. For example, this figure was placed at just over $13 billion for 2016 alone. It also has more than 13,000 employees stationed across at least 280 locations around the world. The company is headquartered in Eden Prairie, Minnesota.

factoring for C.H. robinson

C.H. Robinson is one of the top 3PL companies in the world. We provide factoring for C.H. Robinson for North American companies.


Charles Henry Robinson owned and operated a small wholesale brokerage firm known as C.H. Robinson in the early 1900s. This establishment supplied produce throughout Minnesota and North Dakota. In 1905, he partnered with the Nash brothers to form the Nash Finch Company, with Robinson as its first president. This new company was based in Grand Forks, North Dakota, and soon became the largest wholesaler in the region, owning and operating numerous grocery stores.

The Nash brothers took over Robinson’s company after he died in 1909. As the Nash Finch Company began expanding rapidly through Texas, Wisconsin, Minnesota, Iowa and Illinois, C.H. Robinson became its primary procurement arm.

However, the firm faced a massive setback in the 1940s, when the FTC found that Nash Finch enjoyed a significant price advantage. This led to the formation of two separate companies: C.H. Robinson Co, in which employees retained ownership; and C.H. Robinson, Inc, which remained under the ownership of Nash Finch.

C.H. Robinson entered the transportation business after the 1956 Federal Highway Act expanded America’s roadways and interstate commerce. Before this, businesses had to rely on trains for the transportation of goods. The firm’s trucking operations were regularized in 1968 when it entered the market as Omaha-based Meat Packers Express.

C.H. Robinson Inc. and C.H. Robinson Co. consolidated their operations around this period under the name C.H. Robinson Co. Nash Finch retained a 25 percent stake in the new company while its employees owned the rest. By 1976, the employees had bought out Nash Finch and the company became 100 percent employee owned.

Legislation threw another roadblock to this company’s success in 1980 when the Motor Carrier Act was enacted. This law deregulated the American transport industry, opening the door for increased competition among shippers and logistics providers.

However, C.H. Robinson found innovative ways to stay ahead of the competition. They adopted emerging technologies, like the IBM mainframe, earlier than anyone else in 1979. They also expanded their freight operations and developed a contract carrier program. Furthermore, the company established itself firmly as a middleman for the supply of any shippable goods. These moves led to a significant rise in revenue, which more than doubled within the span of five years.

In 1997, the company was renamed C.H. Robinson Worldwide, Inc. The firm’s IPO was held in the same year, raising more than $190 million for the employees that sold their shares. By the end of that year, C.H. Robinson generated gross revenues of $1.79 billion.

Business Model

C.H. Robinson currently operates in North America, South America, Asia and Europe. It has carrier contracts with more than 60,000 transport carriers using multimodal freight options such as motorways, railways, air and ocean carriers. The company also provides services in supply chain analysis and management, core carrier program management, freight consolidation and information reporting.

C.H. Robinson also operates another brand known as Robinson Fresh, which buys, sells and markets fresh produce. This brand works with grocery retailers, wholesalers, food service distributors and restaurants through an independent network of growers and suppliers.

Today, the company has overseen more than 14 million shipments. Its transport operations account for over 90 percent of its gross annual revenues, with its work in acquiring and marketing fresh produce making up the rest.

C.H. Robinson has also won numerous accolades through its long history. Not only is it a Fortune 500 company, it is also consistently ranked as one of the “Most Admired Companies in Trucking, Transportation, and Logistics” in the world. It is also one of the “Top 3PL” companies in America. Furthermore, the company’s work with various charities have earned it numerous local and national accolades.

C.H. Robinson Worldwide, Inc.

14701 Charlson Road
Eden Prairie, MN 55347