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Fueling Growth Through Factoring – Energy Services Co.

In 2013, an energy service company specializing in welding for the oilfield industry encountered a common issue that many businesses need: maintaining a consistent cash flow to ensure sustainable growth. To overcome this challenge, they sought the help of Scale Funding, which they were quick to learn this decision would lead to significant growth for their business.

Energy Services Co. underwent a remarkable transformation, expanding its service offerings beyond welding. It started as a welding-focused provider but quickly evolved into a comprehensive oilfield services company, venturing into new areas such as trucking, heavy hauls, hot shots, equipment rentals, roustabout services, and pad building. This diversification broadened their revenue streams and enhanced their market presence.

Their growth trajectory has been nothing short of impressive. They started with factored invoicing of $100k per month and have now scaled up to billing over $2M per month, a clear testament to their expansion and success. Interestingly, even though they have outgrown the need for factoring, they continue to utilize it as a tool to drive ongoing business growth and to leverage Scale Funding's other services.

Energy Services Co.'s journey demonstrates how factoring and strategic decisions can transform a business. By embracing financial solutions and diversifying their services, they've become a powerhouse in the oilfield industry. Their inspiring story serves as motivation for other companies seeking sustainable growth.

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