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Staffing Agency owner plans for explosive growth by lining up factoring with Scale Funding

Evan owned a staffing agency that provided temporary teachers and employees to school districts in two states.  Recognizing new opportunities presented by the market after the COVID-19 pandemic, Evan expanded his current opportunities and signed contracts in two new states. But he knew he would need steady cash flow to cover a rapidly growing payroll when the next school year hit.

Evan turned to Scale because of its proven expertise in funding temporary staffing.  With the confidence of having available cash and a dedicated team of staffing experts behind him, Evan expanded his current deals and took contracts in two new states.

When the new school year hit, Evan’s bet paid off, and his business exploded, growing from $250,000 to $700,000 in revenue in a matter of months.  Evan never had to worry about cash flow, collecting accounts receivable, or working for credit-worthy school districts.  Instead, he concentrated on capturing new market shares and taking his business to the next level.


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