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Southeast Directional Driller Uses Factoring to Climb the Subcontractor Ladder

In 2017, a small company specializing in directional drilling for laying cable approached Scale Funding for factoring, hoping to get steady cash flow instead of the slow payments from the contractor it was getting work from. As a "sub-of-a-sub-of-sub," it took a while for payments from the ultimate project owner—a vast public utility—down the line to our client.

With the implementation of factoring and the subsequent steady cash flow, our client was able to take on more work. This led to a significant improvement in their operations, to the point where they were able to replace the subcontractor they were previously working for. Their growth continued. They started taking on bigger pieces of the projects they worked on. From doing about $10,000 per week in work, the client has steadily grown to $15 million in the last year. This success story is a testament to the potential benefits of factoring for small companies in the construction industry.

For all subcontractors, collecting payment for their hard work depends on the companies above them on the ladder.  Slow and interrupted payments keep them from doing more work, leaving them stuck in the pond.  Factoring can unlock the potential to become a bigger fish!

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Scale Funding specializes in factoring for the oilfield industry, ensuring steady cash flow despite delayed payments. This enables companies to take on more projects and grow while we manage their financial logistics.

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