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Invoice factoring, also known as accounts receivable financing is a business financing solution many companies use to take control of their cash flow. Rather than waiting for 30 days or more on customer payments, Scale Funding’s Nebraska invoice factoring programs pay you the same day on your invoices.

Nebraska Invoice Factoring Programs – Funding Solutions for Your Company

Nebraska Invoice FactoringThere are many factoring companies to choose from, but Scale Funding takes pride in being America’s number one choice. Our easy setup, low rates and top-rated customer service make us the best factoring company for your funding needs.

Factoring is Different than a Business Loan or Line of Credit

While some companies get approved and obtain sufficient funding from a bank, it’s not always the best or an available option.

If you’re waiting on payment from slow-paying customers, business loans and business lines of credit won’t solve this issue. Invoice factoring is a better solution as it bridges and eliminates the cash-flow gap from slow-paying customers.

With loans and lines of credit, the amount of cash available to you is capped. Invoice factoring is a flexible funding solution that grows as your business grows.

Providing Steady Cash Flow to Many Industries

With more than 20 years of experience, Scale Funding helps a variety of industries obtain steady cash flow.

Telecom & Wireless Heavy Construction Technology Utility & Pipeline
Oilfield Services Trucking & Freight Renewable Energy Government Contracts
Wholesale Distribution Manufacturing Many More

Invoice Factoring Works for Many Businesses

Our Nebraska invoice factoring and accounts receivable financing programs work for many businesses in a variety of stages.

  • Companies that need quick cash
  • Expanding and growing companies
  • Industries with slow-paying customers
  • Companies with maxed-out or less-than-perfect credit
  • Start-up companies
  • Bank workouts
  • Companies that are turned down by a bank
  • Companies with tax liens or other tax issues

We provide funding to all types of companies. If you’re looking for alternative lending or are unable to obtain sufficient funding from a bank, look to Scale Funding’s Nebraska invoice factoring programs for your business financing solution.

Scale Funding offers funding to companies in Omaha, Lincoln, Fremont, and other Nebraska towns with Our invoice factoring programs. Call (800) 707-4845 to get a free, no-obligation consultation and quote today.

Latest Nebraska Updates

  • Kimball, Nebraska Oilfield Services Company Funded $125,000 with Accounts-Receivable Financing
  • Grand Island, Nebraska Trucking Company Approved for $80,000 with Invoice Factoring
  • South Sioux City, Nebraska Service Provider Approved for $400,000 with Accounts-Receivable Financing
  • Richland, Nebraska Trucking Company Approved for $130,000 with Invoice Factoring
  • Omaha, Nebraska Staffing Agency Approved for $360,000 with Invoice Factoring


Nebraska invoice factoringNebraska is ranked 16th nationally based on its size and 37th based on its population. Only about 1.8 million people live in the state. Omaha and the state capital, Lincoln, are the largest cities and the only ones with a six-figure population.

The state is located in the Great Plains and in the Midwest, giving it a range of terrain from rivers, flatland, hills and mountains. The Platte, Niobrara and Republican Rivers flow east and west through the state. The Missouri River is another major body of water in the state and flows through Omaha. Panorama Point is the highest point in Nebraska at almost 5,500 feet. Other mountains and peaks include Hogback Mountain, Mount Edna, Lovers Leap Butte and Table Top Mountain.


The state’s economy has always had a prosperous agricultural industry. Top products include cattle, corn, soybeans, hogs and wheat. Livestock accounts for about 66 percent of all of the state’s agricultural income. Its most important crop is corn, giving Nebraska its nickname, the “Cornhusker State.” The majority of corn is grown as livestock feed.

Aside from agriculture, food processing is another large industry for the state. Since the state ranks among the top in cattle production, it only makes sense that beef production is one of the top processed foods.

Other top industries, especially in the larger cities like Omaha and Lincoln, include telecommunications, transportation and healthcare.

Military and defense contractors are also important to the economy. Offutt Air Force Base is located near Bellevue and Omaha. Many residents find work here.

Other large companies in the state include Berkshire Hathaway, Union Pacific, ConAgra Foods, Kiewit Corporation, Mutual of Omaha Insurance and Cabela’s.


From the performing arts and museums to parks and zoos, there is plenty to do in the state.

The Omaha Henry Doorly Zoo is one of the world’s the largest indoor rainforests, featuring waterfalls, plants and animals. It’s one of the top destinations in the state.

One of the top museums in the Nebraska is the Command Museum. This multimillion dollar museum showcases military aircraft; has an interactive children’s gallery, a research library, restoration center and theater; and features different traveling exhibits throughout the year.

Some other top destinations include Ballet Nebraska, Carnegie Arts Center, Five Rocks Amphitheater, CoCo Key Water Resort and Eugene T. Mahoney State Park.

That state also has several festivals that all enjoy. The Crane Watch Festival brings more than 80 percent of the world’s population of sandhill cranes from the south to the north. Buffalo Commons Storytelling Festival brings nationally known poets, musicians and storytellers to McCook each year.

Notable Names & Events

Nebraska is the origin of many well-known events and the birthplace of some recognizable names.

The United States acquired Nebraska along with several other lands west of the Mississippi River through the Louisiana Purchase in 1803.

In 1812, Fort Atkinson was established as the territory’s first military post.

Buffalo Bill Cody is best known for killing Chief Yellow Hair from the Cheyenne tribe at War Bonnet Creak in 1876 in northwestern Nebraska.

Nebraska invoice factoringIn 1872, J. Sterling Morton organized the first Arbor Day in Nebraska City. Sources say that about one million trees were planted that day.

Grace Abbot was born in Grand Island in 1878. She is known for her assistance in writing the Social Security Act.

Gerald Ford was born in Omaha in 1913 and is the only U.S. president from the state.

In 1927, in the town of Hastings, the well-known powdered-drink mix Kool-Aid was invented by Edwin Perkins.

Born in Omaha in 1930, Warren Buffet is a successful business man and investor. He is the chairman, CEO and largest shareholder of Berkshire Hathaway.

Some present-day celebrities from the state include Gabrielle Union, Hillary Swank, Nicholas Sparks, Jorge Garcia and Ashley Graham.