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Invoice factoring also referred to as accounts receivable financing, is a funding method many companies use to obtain steady cash flow.

factoring companies in TennesseeTennessee factoring company programs speed up cash flow. The process works by Scale Funding purchasing your invoices and providing a competitive same-day advance on the total amount. Our professional collectors work with your customers for payment, and once received, we’ll remit the remaining balance, less a small fee for our services.

Since 1994, Scale Funding has provided companies with cash through our Tennessee invoice factoring programs. We offer low rates, competitive advances, and top-rated customer service.

Factoring is Different Than a Business Loan or Line of Credit

While business loans and lines of credit can provide you with cash, it might not be the best option for your business. The process to get approved is extensive. If you do get approved, it can take weeks or months to receive the cash your business needs. The amount you’re given is capped, and it can be difficult to obtain more capital as it creates debt on your balance sheet.

On the other hand, you can receive a consultation and quote for accounts receivable financing in as little as 15 minutes. We provide fast account set up and funding on your invoices within 24 hours. We even offer month-to-month programs that can fluctuate as your industry ebbs and flows, giving you the flexibility that a business loan or line of credit cannot.

Financing for a Variety of Companies and Industries

With over two decades of experience, our representatives are knowledgeable in a variety of industries, making us the top choice among Tennessee factoring companies. Our industry expertise includes:

Telecom & Wireless Oilfield Services Utility & Pipeline
Heavy Construction Trucking & Freight Government Contractors
Staffing Agencies Renewable Energy Technology
Manufacturing Distribution Many More

Factoring is a Reliable Source of Cash Flow

Many companies choose our Tennessee accounts receivable financing programs because of the immediate cash we can provide. When traditional funding from a bank isn’t available or when the amount is capped, our creative finance solutions provide you with the cash you need, when you need it.

If you can relate to any of these business or financial situations, our invoice factoring programs can help get you the cash you need.

  • You have slow-paying customers
  • You’re in need of quick cash
  • You’re growing rapidly
  • You were turned down by a bank
  • Your credit is less-than-perfect or maxed
  • You need a DIP financing solution
  • You’re in a bank workout situation
  • You have tax issues

Scale Funding provides factoring for companies in cities like Chattanooga, ClarksvilleKnoxville, Memphis, Nashville and others in Tennessee. For more information, call (800) 707-4845.

Latest Tennessee Updates

  • Nashville, Tennesse Trucking Company Funded $12,000 with Invoice Factoring
  • Memphis, Tennessee Staffing Company Approved for $300,000 with Invoice Factoring
  • Kenton, Tennessee Trucking Company Approved for $75,000 with Accounts-Receivable Financing
  • Shelbyville, Tennessee Trucking Company Funded $200,000 with Invoice Factoring
  • Franklin Tennessee Pipeline Company Funded $600,000 with Invoice Factoring


Tennessee factoring companyLocated in the south-central United States, Tennessee is a beautiful state with everything one could ask for. From Gatlinburg in the majestic Smoky Mountains to Memphis with its incredible BBQ and Graceland mansion to the capital city of Nashville, there’s an incredible amount of things to do and see within its borders. Tennessee is home to 6.6 million people, spread across over 42,000 square miles of hills, mountains, lakes, rivers, and cities.


Historically, Tennessee was originally a part of North Carolina, and later the Southwest Territory. However, on June 1st, 1796 Tennessee was asked the join the Union as the 16th state. The Civil War is an important part of Tennessee history, as it was both the last state to leave the Union and join the Confederacy and the first to be readmitted after the conclusion of the war. It was during this time that Tennessee earned its nickname “The Volunteer State,” because it furnished more soldiers for the Confederate Army than any other state besides Virginia, but also more soldiers for the Union Army than the rest of the Confederacy combined. Today, the University of Tennessee calls themselves the Volunteers, or Vols, in honor of Tennessee’s willingness to defend its homeland.


You can’t talk about Tennessee without acknowledging its crucial role in the development of all sorts of iconic American music. Rock n’ roll, blues, rockabilly, and country all have roots in various parts of the state. Blues, which took inspirations from jazz and the pop music of the day, was born in Memphis, Tennessee. Starting in the 1860s, many black traveling musicians would stop and Tennessee factoring companyplay on Beale Street. It was here that the music would take hold and by the 1940s, Memphis had become a home to legends such as Louis Armstrong, B.B. King, Albert King, and Muddy Waters. Not too long after that, rock n’ roll would emerge with the immortal Elvis Presley leading the way. Guests have the opportunity now to visit Elvis’s iconic home, Graceland, taking guided tours through the King’s home and looking at memorabilia from various points of his life and career.

Speaking of music, the modern-day epicenter for music is none other than the state capital of Nashville, Tennessee. Nashville got its start as a music town all the way back in the 1800s when the Fisk Jubilee Singers of Fisk University became the first act ever to book an around-the-world tour. In fact, it was after a performance for the Queen of England that Her Majesty said that the singers must come from “Music City” and the name stuck. Later, country-centric shows like Hee-Haw would serve to increase the popularity of Nashville and country music in general. The Grand Ole Opry show added fuel to the fire, creating a national audience for the genre and its stars. Slowly, this reputation fed on itself and led the creation of Music Row. Taking up both 16th and 17th Avenues, these two streets housed most of the major producers, labels and music publishers within the city, and continue to operate to this day. Bus tours circle around the city on a routine basis, pointing out all of the music industry giants that stand next door to each other all up and down the row. Some of these places, like the famous Studio B, even offer tours of their facilities where hit records were recorded. These days, Nashville isn’t just a country town. Major contributors from every genre of music call Nashville home, including Christian, pop, and rock.

Tennessee factoring companyGeography

The geography of Tennessee creates many opportunities for people to explore new and exciting places. The mountainous terrain is beautiful in and of itself, but it also creates the ideal conditions for stunning waterfalls. All in all, there are 14 major waterfalls scattered throughout the state, many of which are located in state parks that maintain the area and offer helpful information and assistance to any hikers who wish to explore the area.

Out in the eastern part of the state are the Smoky Mountains, named so the tranquil blue-gray haze that creeps over the mountains at sunrise and sunset. The little town of Gatlinburg is the perfect place to stay for those that wish to discover the mountain trails, and there are several log cabins available to rent and stay in. These cabins range from state-of-the-art vacation homes complete with hot tubs and HDTVs to modest one-room cabins reminiscent of simpler times. The mountains of Tennessee also make for some excellent white-water rafting conditions, or for those looking for a more relaxing evening, there is plenty of fishing to be had in the various streams and lakes.


Sports are also an important part of the Tennessee landscape. Nashville is home to not one, but two professional sports franchises. The first, the Tennessee Titans, are an NFL squad that moved to the town in 1998 from Houston when they were the Oilers. The team continued under that name until the ’99 season where they unveiled a new uniform and officially renamed themselves the Titans.

The second is the professional hockey team, the Nashville Predators. With an interesting bit of timing, the Predators joined the NHL as an expansion team in 1998, about the same time the Titans first called Nashville home. The Predators (or Preds, as they are known locally) were named after an almost fully intact sabretooth tiger skeleton was found in 1971 during construction of a nearby skyscraper.

Over in Memphis is Tennessee’s professional basketball team, the Memphis Grizzlies. The Grizzlies were originally located in Vancouver but relocated to Memphis in 2001. The team decided to keep the name, despite the fact that there are no grizzly bears in Tennessee because while there are black bears in the state, that wasn’t quite as catchy of a name.


From an economic standpoint, Tennessee is primarily industrial as most of its residents live in urban areas. However, there is still a large portion of the population that derive their livelihood from agricultural sectors. The leading crops from Tennessee include cotton, soybeans, and tobacco. There are also significant markets in cattle, dairy products, and hogs. Tennessee’s leading mineral in dollar value is stone, but they also lead the nation in the production of zinc.

Tourism is also a major factor for the state economy, both for its natural beauty and city centers. The Tennessee Valley Authority and the Army Corps of Engineers both built several lakes, and also created the “Land Between the Lakes,” a massive recreational area between Tennessee and Kentucky. In fact, Tennessee was named one of the top 10 destinations in the U.S., and in 2014 an estimated 100 million people visited the state, generating an incredible $17.7 billion in tourism-related spending. This isn’t just relegated to the major cities either, as every single county in Tennessee saw at least $1 million from tourism while 19 counties received at least $100 million.


Tennessee is a land of many different opportunities. From its rolling hills and gorgeous mountains to its thriving urban centers and musical meccas, there’s an incredible array of sights and experiences to take in. Its rich history is worth exploring, while its present upward trajectory makes it an ideal place to start a business. Don’t miss out visiting one of the fastest growing and most diverse places in the entire United States.