Top 10 Best Places to Work in 2019

If you are in the market for a new job or looking to make a career change, you don’t have to look too hard. Now is a better time than ever to start evaluating your options. As we are nearing the ten-year mark since the great depression, and unemployment rates are at an all-time low, workers have the upper hand in the job market across the country. Recently, WalletHub released a list of the top 10 best places to work in 2019. The overall report was compiled by evaluating cities hiring opportunities, cost of living, and employee satisfaction.

The top 10 cities identified by WalletHub to work are as followed:

  1. Scottsdale, AZ
  2. Columbia, MD
  3. Orlando, FL
  4. San Francisco, CA
  5. Colorado Springs, CO
  6. Portland, ME
  7. Plano, TX
  8. Washington, DC
  9. Boston, MA
  10. Chandler, AZ

When searching for a job, it is essential to analyze what the strength of the job market is, the income per capita, and the median household income. Now that we have identified the top 10 cities to work let’s dig into the employment information for each town.

Scottsdale, ArizonaJob market is growing in Scottsdale, Arizona

If you live in Scottsdale, AZ or are looking to relocate there, you are in the right place. BestPlaces indicates that Scottsdale’s job market has increased 3.3% over the last year and predicts that future job growth over the next ten years will increase by 51.2%. According to Areavibes, the income per capita in Scottsdale is $54,060, which is 81% higher than the national average. Scottsdale also has a low unemployment rate of 3%, which is 34% lower than the national average making Scottsdale number one on WallatHub’s top best places to work.

A bonus of living or moving to Scottsdale is it is known for its well-groomed golf courses and a large array of spas. There are many hiking trails where you can enjoy the beautiful rock formations and cacti. Not to mention the weather is warm year-round!

Columbia, MD

The job market is strong in Columbia

The economy is strong in Columbia with unemployment rates at 3.2% where the U.S. average is at 3.9%. BestPlaces predicts that job growth is going to continue to climb as the job market increased 0.7% over the last year. Bestplaces also notes that the average household income for Columbia’s residents is $47,232 a year and the Median household income for a Columbia resident is $100,252 a year. The average salary in the United States is $28,555 a year.

Columbia is said to be a beautiful place to live. The city was built with the mindset of improving residents’ quality of life. It is a planned community that comprises ten self-contained villages. Columbia encompasses lush gardens, nature & wildlife areas, and surrounds the upper portion of the Chesapeake Bay area. With lots to do, places to go and people to see, Columbia might be the best option for you.

Orlando, FL

Orlando Florida has the lowest unemployment rates in the state of Florida

Orlando has a lot more to offer than just Disney World. For starters, it has one of the lowest unemployment rates in the state of Florida and the U.S., according to the Orlando Business Journal. BestPlaces states that jobs in Orlando have increased by 3.91%. However, the cost of living is 12.40% higher than the rest of the country. The median home price in Orlando is $228,600.

Orlando is known for being a tourist destination. If theme parks and attractions are not your things, there are several alternative options to choose from, such as Orlando’s parks and recreation areas, shopping centers and outlet malls, prestigious museums, and a plethora of outdoor activities.

San Francisco, CA

The sky is the limit when it comes to job opportunities in San Francisco, not to mention you can earn significantly more money per year than any other major city. U.S. News reports that the average annual salary in San Francisco is $69,110 compared to the national average of $49,630. The unemployment rate is 1.1% lower than the nationwide average sitting at 3.3%. When it comes to living costs, it is no secret that San Francisco is substantially higher compared to the rest of the San Francisco is voted one of the best cities to work in 2019country, 204% higher to be exact. According to BestPlaces, the median home price in San Francisco is $1,331,100. The cost of living in San Francisco should be something to take into consideration if you are planning to relocate there to seek out job opportunities.

There is never a dull moment while living in or visiting San Francisco. The hilly city that sits on the tip of a peninsula bounded by the Pacific Ocean has breathtaking scenery, endless things to do, an abundance of restaurant, and iconic landmarks. You are guaranteed never to get bored.

Colorado Springs, CO

Coming in 5th on the list of WalletHub’s ten best places to work in 2019 is Colorado Springs. Colorado Springs has an unemployment rate of 3.6%.  There has been a sizeable upswing in the job market increasing to 4.10% over the last year. BestPlaces predicts that job growth in the upcoming years will increase by 48.4%, higher than the US average of 33.5%. BestPlaces also mentions that the average income of a resident living in Colorado Springs is $29,355. The median household income for residents of Colorado There is a lot of job opportunities in Colorado Springs in 2019Springs is $54,288 a year.

There is no shortage of things to do in Colorado Springs, especially if you love the outdoors and seeking new adventures. Colorado Springs has some of the top-rated hiking and biking trails. Enjoy a stroll along the red rock formations or take a walk on the wild side and climb to the top of the Manitou Incline.

Portland, ME

Portland is becoming more known for its established and diverse industries attracting talented individuals. The labor pool is growing at a rate six times the national average. The areas where job growth is the strongest is in manufacturing, software IT, healthcare, and outdoor apparel. According to Portland’s Relocation Guide, Portland has an unemployment rate of 4.1%. Since the recession in 2009, Portland has created over 207,000 new jobs. Portland’s job growth is 7% higher than the rest of the country. Income ratesPortland Oregon is top 10 best places to work in 2019 in Portland are also dramatically higher than other areas of the U.S. The average Portland resident’s income is $4,000/year higher than the national average. Bestplaces reports that the cost of living in Portland is a bit higher than the US average. The median home price in Portland in $427,500.

Portland has a great sense of community and is home to many coffee shops, microbreweries, and world-renowned restaurants.  If you love the great outdoors, then you will enjoy the large selection of bike paths, parks, and bridges. Iconic Washington Park comprises sites such as Oregon Zoo and the formal Japanese Garden. If you are into the art, theatre, music scene, Portland will not disappoint.

Plano, TX

If you are looking for a job in healthcare, Plano, Texas should fall on your list of considerations. Dallas Business Journal claims that healthcare support occupations Job market updates in Plano Texas in Plano are predicted to be the fastest growing occupation with a 4.5 percent annual growth rate. There is also an increase in jobs for office and administrative support, and there is expected to see huge gains in sales of 7,247 in the following years. Plano is projected to expand by about 63,000 jobs in the next ten years. The job market is hot in Plano. However, the cost of living is a bit higher than the national average at 7% according to PayScale.

Plano, Texas has something for everyone from the Crayola Experience at The Shops at Willow Bend to Legacy West that features restaurants, shops, and interesting sites to see. If you are looking for an adventure, stop at Ape at Oak Point Park for a treetop adventure course. Or enjoy a relaxing walk around Plano’s Granite Park Boardwalk that has beautiful patio dining spots and outdoor games.

Washington, DC

Despite the recent government shutdown, The Washington Post published an article stating that the D.C. area economy created 64,000 new jobs in one year. The number of federal occupations What the job market is like in Washington DCdropped, but federal contractors saw the most significant job increase of any sector. The unemployment rate increased slightly from 5.6% to 6.0 percent, which is 29% higher than the national average. Areavibes, reports that the income per capita in Washington, D.C. is $48,781 which is 64% higher than the national average. The median household income falls at $72,935, 32% lower than the national average.

Washington, DC is a place to get a rich sense of our nation’s history. On a warm, sunny day, hop on a bike and explore the nation’s capital, monuments, and attractions. Visit the Smithsonian museums or jump on one of the double-decker tour buses and get a tour of the area while enjoying a fun, filled history lesson. There are unique local shops to visit and plenty of restaurants to try.

Boston, MA

Boston is another great city if you are looking for a job in the healthcare industry. The city has some of the best-ranked hospitals in the country, and they are always looking to hire. If you express interest in working for a University, Boston is the epicenter to prestigious Universities such as Boston, Northeastern, and Harvard University.  Reported by US News, the unemployment rate this year is 3.5% that is 0.9% lower than the national average. The annual average salary is $64,080. Boston has earned an index score of 8.4/10 which indicates a healthier job market than similarly sized metro areas.

Boston Massachusetts’s is one of the oldest cities, founded in 1630. There is a lot of history there to learn about and enjoy. Take a free, guided tour and explore the Freedom Trail or tour the oldest building in Beacon Hill. Climb to the top of the Bunker Hill Monument. End your outing with a visit to Fenway Park, Boston’s historic baseball stadium.

Chandler, AZ

Finally, number 10 on the list of best cities to work in is Chandler, Arizona. The strength of the job market in Chandler is strong, headquartering companies such as Intel, Infusionsoft, Bank of The job market is strong in Chandler Arizona America, and PayPal. Bestplaces, reports that Chandler’s unemployment rate is at 3.6%. Recent job growth has increased by 3.30% over the last year. The cost of living in Chandler is 23.20% higher than the US average.

Chandler is a suburb of Phoenix, Arizona housing a variety of museums, educational centers and performing arts theatres. There is something fun for the entire family from horseback riding and waterparks to golf outings, and nightlife.

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