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Cenovus Energy
A Canadian Oil & Natural Gas Company

Factoring for Your Cenovus Energy Invoices

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oilfield factoring for your Cenevus Energy invoices

Cenovus Energy

Cenovus Energy is a Canadian oil company headquartered in Calgary, Alberta. Cenovus Energy is committed to developing Canada’s oil sands. The company was originally a part of Encana Corporation until 2009 when the company split: one an oil company (Cenovus Energy), the other a natural gas company (Encana).

Cenovus Energy has its roots in the petroleum era in Western Canada that dates back to the 1880s. PanCanadian Energy Corp emerged from the early discovery of natural oil deposits in Western Canada in 1883. PanCanadian Energy Corp. and Alberta Energy Company merged in 2002 to form Encana. Alberta Energy Company has been in existence since the 1970s.

Cenovus Energy has extensive experience in the oil industry and has progressed over the years to use the latest technology that ensures efficient extraction, production, storage and transportation of oil and natural gas while protecting the environment.

Cenovus Energy resources help transport people, goods and services. They heat, cool and light homes, and are also used in manufacturing items and equipment for everyday use, such as smartphones, hospital equipment and food products.

Caring for Communities

Cenovus Energy, a company that has a vast portfolio of oil sands and Deep Basin natural gas and liquids assets in Western Canada, is committed to empowering communities. The company works closely with the native communities to empower them in areas of employment, investment, business and consultation.

Building Strong Relationships

Cenovus Energy builds strong relationships with communities around where the company works, not just during the critical times of consultation about projects, but also remaining a part of the local communities at all times. The relationships with people whose lives get affected by the operations of the company remain very important.

Investing in Communities

The company empowers the native communities by outsourcing services from their businesses, as well as hiring them. Cenovus Energy also supports the communities that address youth leadership, literacy, cultural, health, food and other important issues. This empowers them to be competent to meet real needs of the local communities.

oilfield factoring for your Cenevus Energy invoicesSafety and Well Being

Taking care of the people through adhering to all applicable occupational health and safety legislation and industry recommended practices is part of the core values of Cenovus Energy. The company applies fair labor practices and treats the workforce with dignity, fairness and respect while supporting the principles of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights.

Working in the oil industry involves risk, and that is why ensuring the safety of workers and communities is very important. The company takes health very seriously through practices such as celebrating health and safety milestones, and running continuous campaigns to keep safety in focus at all times. Cenovus Energy has been awarded for excellence in its safety practices.

The use of practices that protect the environment, such as carbon dioxide enhanced oil recovery that ensures carbon dioxide from the oil extraction processes is used and also stored, rather than being released into the atmosphere, help to reduce impact on the environment.

The company ensures that the staff adheres to the laid out rules and regulations by running an anonymous integrity helpline where people can call and report their concerns about staff who fail to comply. The line is managed by a third party to protect confidentiality and anonymity.

Caring for Employees

Cenovus Energy takes care of the welfare of the employees and encourages them to discuss any concerns they have about their work with their supervisors.


The company is under a leadership team led by the president and chief executive officer, working with vice presidents in charge of different functions that include, but are not limited to: technology, development and operation of assets, strategic business planning and health and safety standards and operations management systems.

The board of directors that oversees the management of Cenovus focuses on giving value to the company’s shareholders by keeping up to date with the regulations in the United States and Canada to ensure that the company adheres to the law at all times. The board is made up of five committees to oversee specific issues, namely:

  • Nominating and Corporate Governance Committee
  • Human Resources and Compensation Committee
  • Safety, Environment and Responsibility Committee
  • Reserves Committee
  • Audit Committee

Cenovus Energy is a company that not only provides a large population in Canada with energy to power their lives, but it also empowers communities.

Cenovus Energy

500 Centre Street SE
P.O. Box 766
Calgary, AB T2P OM5