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Hilcorp Energy
A Company Built on Energy

Factoring Invoices for Hilcorp

Turn Your Hilcorp Invoices into Cash with Oilfield Factoring

As an oilfield services company, you are familiar with what can seem like an eternal wait for payment. Whether it’s 30 days or upwards of 70 days, if you are trying to grow your business or pay your bills, this can be a problem.

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factoring for hilcorp invoices

Hilcorp Energy Company

Oil is one of the most important and coveted natural resources the world has. Through its importance, it has built empires, cities, technology and sometimes even war. Harnessing oil from the depths of the Earth results in a number of effects on the economy, the environment and the workforce. But with the importance of oil, are there companies who work humanely?

Yes, they exist today. A great example of one such company is Hilcorp, one of America’s leading oil companies. Included in Fortune’s Best Places to Work with for nearly five years in a row, that should come as no surprise. Let’s take a look at why this company is what it is.


factoring for hilcorp invoices

Hilcorp has been in existence since 1989. It is one of the largest privately held oil and natural gas companies in America and is currently Louisiana’s largest oil producer. Hilcorp operates across the United States, including in Louisiana, Alaska’s Cook Inlet and its North Slope. It is headquartered in Texas and employs over 1,400 individuals.

Hilcorp Energy Company was founded by Jefferey Hildebrand, who graduated with a bachelor’s degree in geology in 1981 and a master of science in petroleum engineering in 1985. Hildebrand had a few years’ experience in the industry before founding Hilcorp; he was with leading oil companies like Exxon USA and American Energy Capital Corporation. Currently, Hildebrand is the company’s chairman and CEO.

Hilcorp has had a lot of successes and achievements over the past two decades. As a matter of fact, for the last five years, it has had over $3.5 billion in oil and gas acquisition, has invested $1.4 billion in development of properties and has increased its reserves and productions. Hilcorp believes that without the help and trust of its people, it would not be where it is today— a soaring and growing pro-people company.


A company’s management can make or break its reputation. Fortunately, Hilcorp operates through an open-book management style, receiving awards for its approach.

Open-book management refers to a kind of management in which the company provides employees with financial information in order to make better business decisions. At Hilcorp, employees have the autonomy to make decisions. The company continues to be a place where employees can actually learn and grow with passion in their career. Hilcorp’s open-book management has three key elements:

  • Knowing and teaching the rules: Hilcorp educates employees to think and work like they are the owners of the company.
  • Following the action and keeping the source: to continue the company’s transparency, they constantly update their employees with the company’s performance.
  • Providing a stake in the outcome: to motivate all employees, Hilcorp believes to reward their employees when they have reached a goal.

Hilcorp’s Accolades

Hilcorp has been commended for its operational expertise and core values. Despite operating for more than 20 years, Hilcorp strives to grow the right way, to update its social responsibilities and to continue to upgrade facilities. In fact, they have been included in Fortune’s Best Places To Work List for five consecutive years, supporting how Hilcorp is doing its best to stay true to its values and serve its people.

These are the very words that Hilcorp believes in each year of their service and operation. By putting people first, they continue to strive as a cohesive company that does not only help the economy but their people’s lives as well.

Vision, Mission and Values

Hilcorp’s vision is to be the premier independent energy company in America. For the past 25 years, by closing deals and constantly being on the top of their game, Hilcorp has lived up to its vision to strive to be America’s independent energy company. Not only does it strive to be a premier energy company, but it believes that giving back to employees and communities is one of the most important responsibilities it has. Evident in the company’s social responsibilities, Hilcorp continues to be a pro-people energy company.

By following its values, mission and vision, Hilcorp has succeeded in becoming the United States’ largest privately held oil and natural gas company.

Social Responsibility

Hilcorp believes in giving back to the community and to continue to care and be responsible for the environment. In order to give back to the community, Hilcorp supports various causes in the communities in which they serve. They do so by providing financial resources for young people to pursue and have college opportunities. They also do their best to encourage and facilitate philanthropy among employees. Due to the spread of philanthropy in the company, the Hilcorp Giving Program has been established. By giving back, Hilcorp ensures a healthy partnership with the community, which is key to having long-lasting success.

Current Buzz at Hilcorp

Since Hilcorp is one of America’s leading companies both in operations and social responsibility, there is a lot of buzz and news happening in Hilcorp.

Fortune’s 100 Best Companies to Work in America

The survey includes questions relating to the work environment, management’s credibility, job satisfaction, compensations and benefits, hiring practices and much more.

Fortune’s 100 Best Workplaces for Millennials

Hilcorp made it to the list because of their incentives, culture, open book management and bonuses. In addition, children of employees receive educational support and scholarships, and employees are even offered the opportunity to work from an Alaska office.


It is rare to find oil companies that are dedicated to giving back to the community and a company that does not forsake the environment for profits only, which Hilcorp makes strides to prevent. Hilcorp believes that their people are their greatest resource.


1111 Travis Street
Houston, TX 77002