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Factoring Your Independence Oilfield Chemicals Invoices

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same-day cash on your Independence Oilfield Chemicals Invoices

Independence Oilfield Chemicals

Independence Oilfield Chemicals was founded in 2012, and as of October 27th, 2014, Independence operates as a subsidiary of Innospec, Inc.

Innospec Oilfield Services is focusing on developing and delivering the best and up to date technologies. They offer services included drilling, completions, production, and midstream.


For effectiveness and low-cost, Innospec has developed a comprehensive mud/ fluid loss prevention program. This helps remediate minor losses and provides industry cure. They have products designed to address potential problems which decreases operator cost for a treatment plan.

Product categories include clay/shale stabilizers, corrosion inhibitors, deformers, EPA registered Biocides, fluid loss additives, foaming agents, polymers & viscosities, potassium chloride substitute, Scale inhibitors, and sulfide scavengers.

factoring invoices for Independence Oilfield ChemicalsCompletions

Innospec is determined to provide co-developing proprietary stimulation systems to solve complex problems and reduce expenses. They review issues throughout the process so they can fix the problem before it happens. They focus on the fluid analysis before building to secure flow assurance. Innospec has a great technical support that is trained in their systems and the chemicals they use to ensure the customer is getting the best information right away.

The product categories include acid, biocides, breakers, brines, buffers, clay control, corrosion inhibitors, crosslinkers, diverting agents, friction reducers, gelling agents, gel stabilizers, iron control, lubricants, Scale inhibitors, flowback surfactants, and hose and pump flush.


According to its website: “The Innospec Oilfield Services approach to production chemicals is simple: We help our clients identify reasons for flow impairment and then recommend the most efficient treatment programs. For more than 52 years, IOS has built a reputation for providing “above and beyond” quality chemical solutions, along with superior customer service.”


They have over five decades of experience to help achieve their goals while still complying with the midstream market.

Independence Oilfield Chemicals, LLC

1450 Lake Robbins, Suite 400
The Woodlands, TX 77380