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Jones Energy
An Oilfield Tech Company

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factoring for jones energy

Exploration, Development, Production & Acquisition

Jones Energy is an independent energy company headquartered in Austin, Texas. The company is focused on natural gas and oil exploration, development, production and acquisition in the mid-continent. Its main assets are in the Texas Panhandle and western Oklahoma.

Jonny Jones founded the company in 1988 when he was only 28 years old. However, despite his young age, he was far from inexperienced. His family has been in the industry since the early 1930s. His grandfather was the founder of A.V. Jones and Sons, which was then passed down to his father and uncles. Although the company had long been private, Jones saw opportunities to expand that were too large to fund while staying private. As a result, Jones Energy went public in 2013. Its initial public offering was about $15 per share on the New York Stock Exchange, which raised approximately $175 million. Shortly after going public, Jones announced one of the biggest acquisitions in the company’s history, purchasing additional assets in the Anadarko basin for $193.5 million.

factoring for jones energy

Although Houston is the typical city for the oil and gas industry, Jones chose Austin for the home of the company’s headquarters. This has worked to his advantage, as Austin is known for being a tech-oriented city. This gives Jones a wealth of incredibly talented engineers. In fact, Jones views his company as a tech company with engineers who are focused on mineral extraction. This idea is reflected in the setup of the company’s headquarters. It’s set up similarly to a tech company, with wide-open spaces and offices without doors to allow for communication and collaboration.

Horizontal Drilling

One of the strengths of Jones Energy is its expertise in horizontal drilling. Horizontal drilling has allowed the company to get more return out of fewer wells. Additionally, the company is focused on low-cost drilling. It’s recognized as one of the lowest-cost operators in the Cleveland formation. Jones Energy balances its efforts between developing its current inventory and seeking out joint development agreements. When engaged in a joint development agreement, its strategy is to always control the drilling and completion of a well. This allows the company to use its expertise and cost-saving techniques to control the costs associated with these stages. In some instances, after these stages are complete, Jones Energy will turn the well over to its partner during the production phase.

Anadarko Basin

Jones Energy’s main operation is the Cleveland formation in the Anadarko basin, located in the Texas Panhandle and western Oklahoma. The company has 711 gross drilling locations (455 net drilling locations) in the Cleveland play. It has completed more wells in this play than any other company. Jones was an early investor in this region and has been active there for more than 25 years. This has paid off for him exponentially. Horizontal drilling techniques have become more conventional over the past decade, allowing Jones Energy to reach the stacked formations of the region. Although there is a per-well increase in cost associated with horizontal drilling, it provides the company with several producing zones, therefore producing larger returns from a single well.

In September 2016, Jones Energy acquired an additional 18,000 acres in the Stack/Scoop play for $136.5 million from Scoop Energy Co. LLC. This acquisition included 92 gross drilling locations (68 net drilling locations) in the Cleveland formation. Of these, about 70 percent are operated, and the company has an average working interest of about 50 percent. Additionally, and as a result of this acquisition, the company is adding an additional office in Oklahoma City to have a local presence in the region. It believes this will be beneficial for the development of the newly acquired asset.

In addition to the Cleveland formation, Jones Energy has two other plays in the Anadarko basin, the Marmaton play and the Tonkawa play. Altogether, the company has approximately 1,826 gross drilling locations (928 net drilling locations) over its 181,353 leased acres in the Anadarko basin. These sites produce about 18,448 BOE/D for the company. Additionally, Jones has a smaller operation in the Woodford formation of the Arkoma basin.


Aside from business, Jones Energy believes in giving back to the community, which is seen in the various philanthropic efforts from both the company and its employees. In addition to fundraising throughout the year for a variety of causes, Jones Energy was one of the founding donors for a new 10-mile walking trail along Lady Bird Lake in Austin, called the Boardwalk Trail, which is now visited by 1.5 million people a year.

Jones Energy

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