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Noble Energy Inc.
Operating for More Than 80 Years

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Noble Energy Inc.

Noble Energy Inc., which was formerly called Noble Affiliates Inc., is an American natural gas and petroleum exploration and production based in Houston, Texas. Lloyd Noble was the founder of the company. The company has been operating for more than 80 years. Its vision is to create a sustainable, mutually beneficial value in everything that it does and everywhere it operates.


Lloyd Noble founded his first company, Samedan Oil Corporation, in 1932. It got its name from Lloyd’s children namely Sam, Ed and Ann. In 1968, Samedan Oil Corporation got its first offshore block in the Gulf of Mexico. A few years later, Noble Energy, with its former name Noble Affiliates, was then organized as a parent company of Samedan Oil Corporation and Noble Drilling Corporation. It became a public company in 1972.

In 1985, Noble Affiliates made Noble Drilling Corporation an independent company. One year later, the firm obtained the Energy Development Corporation. The company made its first discovery offshore Israel in the Levant Basin in 1999. Then, it was able to have its first domestic natural gas in the country in 2004.

In June 2000, the company decided to move from Ardmore, Oklahoma to its current headquarters in Houston, Texas. Four months after, the company had Charles Davidson as their president and CEO.

In April 2002, the company expanded their business to methanol and electricity production. Then, it changed its name to Noble Energy Inc. Three years later, Noble Energy Inc. acquired Patina Oil and Gas which operated in the Rocky Mountains. In the same year, the company made its first operated discovery in the Douala Basin offshore Equatorial Guinea (Alen field). Then in 2006, Noble Energy Inc. sold its assets in the Gulf of Mexico for $625 million.

In January 2010, the company obtained other assets in DJ Basin from Petro Canada and Suncor Energy for $495 million. In May of the same year, the company reached a depth of 32,684 feet in its Deep Blue exploration well in Green Canyon. In December of the same year, they announced a big natural gas discovery at Leviathan gas field located in the Mediterranean Sea off the coast of Israel. Two months later, the company received the deepwater drilling permit for their assets in the Gulf of Mexico.

The company then moved their headquarters to a building in northwest Houston, Texas. In October 2014, they donated NIS 12 million to Ruppin Academic Center in Israel to train the technicians in the energy industry.

The company has experienced unsuccessful ventures, too. In 2015 they announced that the drilling of a well in the Cheetah exploration produced a dry hole. The company was charged $33 million for that.

In January 2017, Noble Energy Inc. bought Clayton Williams Energy Inc. for $2.7 billion.

oilfield factoring on Noble Energy invoicesProducts and Operations

Noble Energy Inc. mainly produces petroleum, natural gas and natural gas liquids. It can produce 418 thousands barrels of oil per day.

The company has both conventional and unconventional explorations. Since 2015, the company has discovered over three billion barrels of net resources. Currently, it endeavors to spread its offshore success in Atlantic Basin, Mediterranean Sea and the Gulf of Mexico.

The company also pioneered exploration of unconventional reservoirs in DJ Basin. Moreover, they strive to maintain this success with the hard work of their geologists, engineers and explorers.

Areas of Operation

Noble Energy’s outstanding US business firm is partnered with its global offshore assets. Each asset helps to keep the company’s high-quality portfolio. In its US onshore operations, the company tries hard to serve the local community at its best. They do this by using the latest drilling technology, focusing on high drilling opportunities, and even listening to the voices of the community to attend to some problems. On the other hand, the company’s offshore operations are just the products of its exploration and expertise.

US Onshore

  • DJ Basin: This is a large formation in northwestern Colorado and southeastern Wyoming, which operations are focused in the natural gas and liquid-rich Weld County area of Colorado.
  • Permian Basin: The company started operating here in 2015 with the merger of Rosetta Resources Inc. Its position expanded since the acquisition of Clayton Williams Inc. in April 2017. This has strengthened their offshore portfolio.
  • Eagle Ford Shale: This is a formation that holds both oil and natural gas, which operations are focused on 35,000 acres in the southwestern part of this formation.
  • Eastern Mediterranean: The company had had its pioneering discoveries and major project execution here. The company is the first one to discover the natural gas resources located in the offshore the Republic of Cyprus in the Levant Basin.
  • US Gulf of Mexico: This is one of the major operations of Noble Energy. The company made its first deepwater discovery in 2001, as well as its first production in 2005.
  • West Africa: The company made its long history in the place since it began working as a non-operating partner of Alba field in the early 1990s.

Community Contributions

Noble Energy Inc. is not only trying to mainly keep its high-portfolio, but it is also sympathetic and responsible enough to contribute a lot to its community. It attempts to minimize the environmental impact. The company has the purpose of Energizing the World, Bettering People’s Lives and they always stick to their principle of creating sustainable value just to fulfill that purpose. The company mainly focuses on three areas: community health, local environmental efforts and education or workforce development. Thus, the company is known to seek opportunities that are related to these three areas.

Noble Energy Inc.

1001 Noble Energy Way
Houston, TX 77070