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U.S. Well Services

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U.S. Well Services

U.S. Well Services was founded in 2012 and has experienced tremendous growth ever since. Growing from a small, local company to a trans-continental oilfield services company happened quickly for this company as it expanded their customer base, fleet size, and product development. With tremendous success comes a constant need to grow and adapt to the ever-changing oilfield sector, and U.S. Well Services has done an excellent job of moving with the demands of consumers. Both its conventional and Clean Fleet hydraulic fracturing fleets are some of the most reliable and effective fleets in the well industry.

factoring invoices for U.S. Well ServicesHistory

In February 2012, U.S. Well Services was founded, and by April, they had their first fleet deployed. Customer satisfaction and smart investment allowed the company to deploy their second fleet just four months later. USWS continued to grow and expand their ability to accommodate for the changing industry and used their first Clean Fleet in July of 2014. This patented technology revolutionized the way that USWS operated, and set the bar for other similar companies to adjust their habits to allow for a more eco-friendly method of well services. By the end of 2014, the company had multiplied eight-fold and was on its way to expanding to become one of the most respected names in oilfield services. Today, USWS has surpassed 5,000 stages with their Clean Fleet and has earned numerous awards for its excellence. U.S. Well Services now has the ability to meet some of the most demanding pressure and pump rate requirements in the field.

Commitment to Customers

To ensure that they remain one of the most reliable and customer-friendly companies in the oilfield industry, USWS has paid close attention to the wants and needs of their customers. In 2014, the company noticed an increase in complaints regarding their diesel emissions and noise pollution. U.S. Well Services dedicated its research to the production of a more environmentally-friendly alternative that would also produce the output that customers value so much. Not only did the company release Clean Fleet technology, but it surpassed all expectations regarding the effectiveness of the fleets. The environmental gains and cost-savings were recognized by the 2015 Oil and Gas Awards, where the company received the “New Technology Development Award” for the Northeast Region. This ability to adapt and surpass expectations perfectly illustrates USWS’ commitment to its customers as well as the earth.

U.S. Well Services

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